Iron Bow Financial Services

Financial Services

Today's organizations often delay technology refresh and its' benefits due to flat or shrinking budgets. We help eliminate Capital Expenditure (CapEx) constraints with flexible funding options that allow immediate and predictable IT refresh.

Iron Bow’s customizable funding options offer the most competitive interest rates available and can be tied to a 5-year IT lifecycle to produce the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Whether you’re a business or a government agency - part of any large-scale IT solution must be the financing. Iron Bow takes funding solutions as seriously as technology solutions with a financial services team dedicated to delivering the most competitive and flexible options available. 

We have relationships with the financing arms of most major manufacturers, including Cisco, HP, NetApp, EMC, Dell and more. Our team has also established relationships leading strategic financing institutions enabling Iron Bow to negotiate the best pricing on behalf of our customers, which will yield the lowest TCO possible. 

With multiple options for customization, customers can opt for solutions that utilize capital funds (CapEx), operational funds (OpEx), or a combination to do an LTOP (Lease to Purchase) or LWOP (Lease-With-Option-to-Purchase).