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Full range of services surrounding Cyber Security, IT Services, Enterprise Design, Integration and Consolidation, Network/Systems Operation and Maintenance, Telecommunications/Systems Operation and Maintenance, Business Process Reengineering, IT Supply Chain Management, Education and Training

Contract Number: W52P1J-18-D-A061

Period of Performance: 

  • Base Period: September 25, 2018 – September 24, 2023
  • Option Year 1: September 25, 2023 – September 24, 2024
  • Option Year 2: September 25, 2024 – September 24, 2025
  • Option Year 3: September 25, 2025 – September 24, 2026
  • Option Year 4: September 25, 2026 – September 24, 2027

Authorized Buyers (Users): Army, DoD or other Federal Agencies

ITES-3S requires no fee.

ITES-3S provides end-to-end solutions through services and related incidental hardware to include world wide deployment, operation, maintenance and sustainment requirements.

The contract supports all federal organizations for cyber and cyber-related missions and initiatives, satisfying warfighter requirements for emerging technologies, innovative communications, evolving capabilities and services. Our key focus for this contract is to ensure clients using our ITES-3S vehicle are satisfied with every aspect of our performance as we successfully support them in achieving their mission goals.

Iron Bow Advantages

  • Over 30 years of Army experience providing fast, precise and compliant delivery
  • Highly skilled and credentialed engineers
  • Proven capabilities in engineering, installing, securing and testing emerging technologies
    • Cloud
    • Collaboration
    • Cyber Security
    • Data Center
    • Digitization + IoT
    • Managed Services
    • Mobility + End User Devices
    • Networking
  • Proven PMI-based delivery methodology and ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 Certified
  • Current ITES-3H contract holder, facilitating hardware purchases through one trusted source

Jodie Vaughn
Sr. Contracts Manager
Direct: 703.674.5283