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Information Technology Products, Peripherals and Product Based Services

Contract Number:  NNG15SC41B

Period of Performance:  April 30, 2025

Authorized Buyers:  All Federal and DoD Agencies

More than 60 Federal Agencies use the NASA Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) contract vehicle each year because ordering is fast and easy, and prices are low. Iron Bow’s mix of experienced people, worldwide distribution, in-demand products and integration services help SEWP customers start smart and stay ahead.

Through SEWP, agencies can find an exact fit for their IT needs at the best overall value by choosing the right solutions offered and having it fulfilled within one business day. SEWP offers low prices, the lowest surcharge and the easiest and fastest ordering using pre-competed contracts.

Iron Bow Advantages

  • Enterprise-wide IT expertise for the design and integration of multi-faceted solutions
  • Experience driving $600 million in sales for SEWP I, III and IV
  • Over 250,000 products from hundreds of manufacturers
  • 60 industry-certified pre-sales engineers, 1,000 post-sale technical staff and 4,000 warranty technicians
  • Mature logistics, 80 distribution centers in 13 countries


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