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Enterprise Agreement Software and Licensing

The Cisco Enterprise Agreement gives USAG the ability to consume unlimited Cisco software for the following technologies


Software Covered


  • DNA Advantage for Routing – Includes standard features while adding software-defined functionality
  • DNA Advantage for Switching – Includes standard features while adding software-defined access, automation and provisioning, enhanced security and analytics
  • DNA Advantage for Wireless – Includes network management access to centralized software for management and automation with location-based services, automated onboarding and secure access.


Downloading Software

  • To access software, a user must have a cisco.com account registered with their AF.mil email address. All software can be consumed through software.cisco.com.
  • For entitlement, you must associate your cisco.com account with the correct contract number. This can be done by contacting afhtom@cisco.com.





Existing Product Purchases

Users will need to request the licenses via USAF GEMSS Portal for existing products that require licenses leveraging the Enterprise Agreement. Upon request, a user will need to provide the following information:


Portal: https://ironbow.servicenowservices.com/gemss

  1. Hardware Product Model
  2. Unit and MAJCOM for smart account provisioning domain
  3. Quantity of licenses requested
  4. For SDWAN routing licenses, include bandwidth tier (15M, 100M, 1GB, 10GB)


New Product Purchases

New Cisco hardware platforms come bundled with software licenses and support. To remove the cost of these items, procurements must be associated with the correct smart account at the time of purchase. To take advantage of the Enterprise Agreement, you will need to provide contracting with the following information:


  1. Smart Account Name: NEXTGEN USAF
  2. Smart Account Domain: en-ea.us.af.mil
  3. Virtual Account: MAJCOM and Unit
  4. Is this to replace EOL products or net-new purchase
  5. For EOL devices, provide the previous devices S/N


To access software licenses, customers must have their cisco.com account associated with the “NEXTGEN USAF” smart account and appropriate virtual account. Customers can gain access to the smart account by:


  1. Logging into software.cisco.com using an af.mil email
  2. Navigate to the Manage Licensing hyperlink


If you do not have a Virtual Account under NEXTGEN USAF, submit a request via USAF GEMSS Portal:


Portal: https://ironbow.servicenowservices.com/gemss

The account domain identifier will be “en-ea.us.af.mil” and in the “Reason for Request” box, users will need to provide:

  • Cisco.com userID
  • Air Force MAJCOM/COCOM
  • Air Force Unit


For additional assistance, please contact a licensing specialist by sending an email to: gemss@ironbow.com.


Please ensure that your Cisco Connection Online (CCO) ID is associated to Cisco GEMSS Contract # 204246961


The base year contract end date is 20 June 2022. Please contact afhtom@cisco.com for assistance.