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Here are some common questions and answers to help you get the most value out of the GEMSS contract.


What is GEMSS?

The Cisco Global Enterprise Modernization Software and Support (GEMSS) contract is a singular support vehicle that expands the Air Force’s access to technical services and enables USAF to consume unlimited software and licenses for Cisco routing, switching and wireless technology.


The GEMSS contract includes the following products and services:


  • Software
    Cisco Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Networking Enterprise Agreement
  • Support
    Cisco SmartNet Tool Care (SNTC) support and Cisco Software Support (SWSS)
  • Advanced Services
    Cisco Advance Services (AS) delivered by appropriately cleared Cisco operations managers and network engineers



What is JELA to GEMMSS?

In June 2019, Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO) contracted with Cisco for Joint Enterprise License Agreement (JELA) which provided enterprise-wide technical support and services that included access to training, High Touch Technical Services (HTTS) and Consulting services.  This allowed all Department of Defense (DoD) organizations that enrolled in the contract to access Cisco SmartNet Total Care for all eligible Cisco branded equipment.


With continuous innovation and agencies moving away from hardware-centric purchasing, Cisco and DITCO, in collaboration with PEO Digital, signed a new agreement in June 2021: The Cisco Global Enterprise Modernization Software and Services (GEMSS).


The transition from JELA to GEMSS is a direct result of the need for modernization, combined with the pendulum swinging from hardware to software, for these additional needs to be met. Expanding enterprise transformation includes unlimited DNA Advanced Software for routing, switching and wireless that allows the USAF to gain real-time access to innovation combined with Cisco Network Consulting Engineers (NCE) to assist in the transformation over the next five (5) years.


Additionally, this includes:

  • High Touch Technical Support (HTTS) – to expedite routing and call-handling
  • High Touch Operations Management (HTOM) – Cisco single point of contact for all support assistance, prioritization and management within this contract
  • Asset Manager – Cisco resources to create, maintain and document Cisco hardware, software and all license requirements

Together, Cisco and Iron Bow, are working to support GEMSS and accelerate outcomes through April 2026.



How do I use the license I purchased?

Any new purchases will require the use of Smart Account Domain: and Virtual Account: MAJCOM and Unit, which will automatically deposit the correct DNA Advanced licensing in the Smart Account once the products ship. Existing hardware will continue to have the licensing purchased originally, but if additional licensing is needed, customers will have to go to the Iron Bow GEMSS Portal ( and request licenses be deposited into the corresponding virtual account.