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Iron Bow has built a loyal customer base among a broad range of organizations across government and private sectors. While missions may differ, each customer needs to make the smartest use of technology to address challenges, leverage opportunities and optimize operations. Ultimately, we use technology to enable better, faster and accurate decisions and increased employee productivity.


Federal agencies are expected to upgrade existing IT infrastructures to optimize operations, serve a connected citizen base and support a technology-driven warfighter -- all within diminishing budgets. We provide leading solutions and expertise to help DoDDoD HealthcareIntelligence and Civilian agencies evolve with limited resources.


From telehealth and mobile health to electronic health records, technology has transformed the way healthcare organizations improve outcomes and enhance patient experiences. We leverage an understanding of commercial and DoD Healthcare to forward secure and compliant mobility, multi-content collaboration and the infrastructures that support them. 

Higher Education 

Today, higher education operations extend well beyond the classroom by supporting students and faculty with greater online access, collaboration and resources. Iron Bow helps colleges and universities determine a best-use strategy in IT that better manages costs while providing opportunities to a connected, broader base of learners.


Technology can answer the call for law firms to boost productivity and provide client service 24/7. We help firms of all sizes optimize operations while enhancing matter management and e-discovery with the strategic selection and integration of cloud computing, virtualization, collaboration and mobility solutions.


Given reduced or uncertain resources, nonprofits often are unable to build upon or even keep pace with their technology needs. We help non-profit organizations determine best use of their expenditures to make technology a powerful and cost-effective means of achieving greater internal productivity and engaging with their donor base.