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When the mission is information superiority, Iron Bow possesses the proven expertise, experience and credentials in designing and implementing solutions to support the worldwide collection, analysis and conveyance of intelligence in real-time.

With a dedicated team of fully cleared sales and technical professionals, Iron Bow understands the priorities and focus of the Intelligence Community. 

Through engagements with multiple entities on big data, cloud computing and data center activities, Iron Bow consistently delivers compelling, innovative solutions that enable the Intelligence Community to fulfill their mission objectives. 

Deployments include:

  • Collaboration and networking solutions that enable efficient, timely and secure sharing of actionable intelligence 
  • Solutions that leverage information and unified communications technologies to protect critical Infrastructure 
  • Cyber-solutions for the data center and client environments that enhance analysis through technology transformation, engineering and application 
  • Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) allows Iron Bow to react efficiently to the changing needs of our customers, providing rapid responses and resources to meet expectations and operational deadlines 

Delivering Mission Success

United States Army Intelligence

Iron Bow has provided secure network infrastructure solutions in support of both the warfighter and intelligence community worldwide. 

  • Designed and implemented networking equipment and cabling infrastructures to enable classified and unclassified networks 

Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and Department of Defense Intelligence Information System (DoDIIS)

  • Designed, implemented and supported a secure Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) DoDIIS telephone system 
  • Deployed this Intelligence Community-wide classified secure voice communications system using the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System (JWICS) as its transport medium