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In advancing their mission, nonprofits have realized that technology is the most powerful and cost-effective means of engaging with their donor base and promoting their cause to a broader audience, while building greater productivity internally.

Balancing limited budgets with greater needs – that’s the real ‘push-pull’ in IT management for todays nonprofit organizations. Given reduced or uncertain resources, nonprofits often are unable to build upon or even keep pace with their critical technology needs: 

  • Determining best use of their tech expenditures in IT outsourcing and future investments
  • Making needed upgrades to hardware and software
  • Integrating and extending communications for greater productivity and constituent engagement
  • Integrating and updating their database systems for improved data analytics

Iron Bow Solutions

Iron Bow is the trusted provider for such major nonprofit organizations as AARP, the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA).  The nonprofit industry recognizes our expertise in ensuring the highest standards and cost efficiencies through solutions that include:

Collaboration Technologies

  • Collaboration Technologies supports integrated communications and expanded engagement with donors, prospects and volunteers.
  • Advanced unified communications with seamless integration of voice, video, data, IM and documentation
  • Social media applications that enable you to respond to stakeholders through public social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook or other public forums

Data Center Optimization 

  • Data center improves accessibility and streamlines workflow for increased productivity.
  • Scaled database solutions promote greater employee productivity and improved access to constituent analysis and other research 
  • Efficient information exchange and interoperability accessible to all employees, from shared calendars to remote document management

Mobile Security

  • Mobile security addresses all of the complexities that BYOD brings to a nonprofit organization while building engagement and connecting mobile employees.
  • Complete mobile device management in visibility, control and network security
  • Secure mobile access to data and documents as needed

Video Teleconferencing Solutions

  • Video teleconferencing solutions promote greater productivity and cost savings.
  • Create training and educational engagement opportunities
  • Extend organizational reach to constituents and volunteers
  • Maintain secure, real-time collaboration between various remote offices while avoiding costly travel