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Iron Bow Stands Strong & Ready to Support Army Modernization

For more than three decades, the U.S. Army has counted on effective and innovative information technology solutions from Iron Bow Technologies to support the mission of ready, prompt and sustained land dominance in support of our nation’s security. With the future in mind, we are committed to working alongside our Army customers to ensure all Warfighters have the best technology solutions deployed to win decisively in any conflict, on any battlefield, anywhere in the world.

With an understanding of the Army’s focus on readiness, modernization, reform, and alliances and partnerships, we apply our knowledge of market leading and emerging technologies to meet these challenges. We partner with our customers to apply the right technology solutions to support joint all-domain command and control, multi-domain operations and enterprise IT –  both at home and across the globe.


Army IT Solutions



Collaboration is essential for today’s Army as remote work is the norm. We offer 24/7 secure connectivity, from the home front to the battlefield, on any device, leveraging collaboration tools of choice.


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Learn about Secure Integration of Cisco Collaboration Solutions with Microsoft Teams and Office 365


Cyber Security/Secure Access

Iron Bow’s comprehensive and resilient approach to cyber security focuses on data protection, access and availability. We deploy technologies that do more than keep threats out. We provide information to understand, remediate and prevent future attacks. Iron Bow has the expertise to assess customer data needs, networks and IT systems. We enable the right technology and successfully deploy solutions to address security challenges, maintain access and protect against today’s advanced threats and attacks.

  • Secure Access/Classified Remote Access Solution
  • Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)
  • Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC)


Download our Zero Trust Whitepaper


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Our multi-cloud solutions deliver a quick and secure route to multiple DoD and/or public cloud infrastructures, while also providing a single point of management for the various platforms, enabling the Army to leverage the cloud to “maintain information superiority and to deliver digital overmatch.”

A cornerstone of our Iron Bow multi-cloud offerings, IronTarget™ powers a hybrid approach to moving legacy technology to the cloud. With IronTarget, the Army can meet cloud mandates by easing into public cloud use, virtualize legacy apps to work in cloud environments, improve availability with options for COOP and Disaster Recovery and achieve cost/performance optimization

Modern Service Models

Iron Bow stands ready to deliver the day-to-day management of IT systems that organizations rely on to meet operational and business mission objectives.


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Learn more about our Software-defined Networking expertise and offerings


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5G to NextG

Iron Bow understands the power of 5G and how to integrate it into DoD solutions.  We provide rapid experimentation and dual-use application prototyping, secure mobile device management solutions and infrastructure automation for warfighter operational solutions.

Our team developed a single system that would allow full-time soldiers, National Guard and First Responders to access needed systems and data when and wherever needed. The Iron Bow wireless solution allowed for BYOD and .mil access in a secure and seamless process.

Logistics and Warehousing

The speed of modern warfare requires a supply chain that can not only keep up with the pace, but do so securely. Iron Bow’s approach to Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) ensures that equipment gets where it needed, when it is needed, with traceability at every step in the process.

  • Quality
  • Testing
  • Inventory Management
  • Shipping

Contract Vehicles

Iron Bow holds a number of significant contract vehicles for DoD to make it easy to get up and running with our support and services.

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Iron Bow in Action


30+ years supporting the DoD combined with partnerships with top-tier manufacturer as well as emerging innovators ensures we have access to technology solutions that can begin making a difference today.


Regardless of how you consume technology, we can help you innovate. Our solutions are the right mix of people, process and technology that meet your unique needs.


Continuous support for evolving missions, providing the technology that enables our armed forces to compete, deter and win.