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Iron Bow has worked with a broad array of clients across the commercial spectrum. Using technology to innovate the delivery of service is critical, as is leveraging existing investments to enable teams to work faster and better. Iron Bow helps clients select, acquire, design and integrate IT that solves specific business challenges.

Commercial Marketplace

We help our commercial clients use today’s technology to meet business needs:


Wireless icon

Wireless – a key connection point for your business, we help design wireless systems to meet the demands of today’s mobile workforce.

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Security – it’s not if, but when you’ll be breached. Iron Bow looks at the infrastructure as a whole and helps design security solutions that support how employees access and use data.

Video conferencing icon

Videoconferencing and Audio Visual – from streaming video to fully integrated room systems to telepresence to video on demand and beyond, Iron Bow leverages current technology investments to meet needs today and into the future.

Networking icon

Networking – your network is the backbone of your IT system. Yet, it’s probably the oldest part of your infrastructure. We help design, optimize and secure network technology and investments.

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Voice over IP – in our anywhere, always on culture, VoIP is a critical piece of any enterprise. We leverage VoIP and other technologies for a holistic solution that meets collaboration needs.

Data Center icon

Data Center – new technologies are transforming the expectations we have of our IT and the data center must change to keep up with this evolution. Iron Bow is trained and certified on all the latest trends to drive the modernization of your data center.

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Call Centers – today’s call centers need multi-channel and omni-channel capabilities pulling in text, chat, voice and email. Iron Bow can assume management of an existing call center, add “just in time” capability for a short duration or design a new call center from the ground up.

Telehealth icon

Telemedicine – Iron Bow has been on the leading edge of developing, deploying and implementing solutions that allow healthcare providers to interact with patients outside the traditional office or ER environment.


Technical expertise in leading and emerging technologies - we understand how to make technology live up to its promise.


From managed service offerings to standard hardware procurement, we'll work with you to get the right technology deployed for your organization.


We work to understand your business and workflow so that solutions conform to your business, creating strong buy-in from users.