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Iron Bow Supports Naval Efforts to Recruit, Train, Defend and Deliver

Iron Bow is uniquely positioned to support the CNO and Commandant’s efforts to develop a seasoned team of naval warriors and build a more prepared, efficient and connected fleet. Iron Bow’s innovative technology solutions build digital workflows while at the same time simplifying network complexity and enhancing security capabilities. We deliver solutions that modernize, innovate and enable the next generation of Naval forces with the data and power to focus on the mission to defend and support the Tri-Service Maritime Strategy – “Advantage at Sea.”


Navy-Marines IT Modernization


A more distributed Naval force (at sea and abroad) can complicate abilities for real-time collaboration.   It is essential for today’s warfighter to be able to connect regardless of location in the field, at sea or from home.  Being able to connect from any device, leveraging a secure collaboration tools of choice is an expectation of our next generation warfighter.


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Secure Access / Cyber Security

Iron Bow’s approach to cyber security is focused on protecting data, based upon resiliency while ensuring proper access and availability from the shore front to the high seas. We deploy technologies that do more than keep out threats, we ensure the Naval Forces have access to the right, valid and secure information precisely when they need it.

  • Secure Access/Classified Remote Access Solution
  • Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA)
  • Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC)


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Modern Service Models

Iron Bow stands ready to deliver the day-to-day management of IT systems that the naval services rely on to meet operational and mission objectives.


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5G to NextG

Iron Bow understands the power of 5G and how to integrate it into DoD mission-ready solutions.  We provide rapid experimentation and dual-use application prototyping, secure mobile device management solutions and infrastructure automation for warfighter operational solutions.

Our team has designed, deployed, and validated the installation of 802.11ac wireless networks for optimal performance, security, and compliance for 30 Navy facility sites throughout the continental United States. We stand ready to assist in providing the Navy with the next evolution in wireless solutions to maintain their competitive advantage.

Logistics and Warehousing

The speed of modern warfare requires a supply chain that can not only keep up with the pace, but do so securely. Iron Bow’s approach to Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) ensures that equipment gets where it is needed, when it is needed, with traceability at every step in the process.

  • Quality
  • Testing
  • Inventory Management
  • Shipping

Iron Bow has developed applications to help ship personnel and new passengers with the embark/disembark process. These solutions help efficiently access luggage, track departures and returns as well as store all information in an intuitive database with a customized user interface.

Contract Vehicles

Iron Bow holds a number of significant contract vehicles for the DoD to making procurement easy to get up and running with our support and services.

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