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OMNIA Partners and Iron Bow Technologies

Cyber Security Solutions and Associated Products and Services

Iron Bow is a comprehensive solutions provider with experienced, OEM-certified engineers that support the full product lifecycle, from analysis and design through implementation and operational support. Our team is experienced in design, integration, deployment and sustainment of complex multi-technology solutions to include cloud, collaboration, mobile/remote workforce, networking, Unified Communications, Audio/Visual (AV), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Data Center, Video Teleconference (VTC), Wireless and Security solutions.

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Cyber Security Solutions and Associated Products and Services

Contract Number: R200802

Expiration Date: September 30, 2023. Option to renew for two (2) additional one-year periods through September 30, 2025

Iron Bow is an authorized reseller for over 200 major OEMs including:

  • Cisco
  • Tanium
  • Tenable
  • Attack-IQ

Through these relationships, we have access to a wide variety of tools that can meet your unique security needs.

Our U.S. based Client Service Center (CSC), can provide a variety of support options for your deployed solutions including as-a-service, cloud, hosted or managed services offerings.

Minimize Risk, Maximize Technology Investments

We design solutions to achieve resiliency. Our comprehensive approach to cyber security looks at the whole of your system and takes into account how your users access and use data. We understand and support the full IT lifecycle, ensuring a holistic approach to security. Solutions can be installed and run on premise, via the cloud or in a hybrid model.

Network and Endpoint Defense – protect data by separating trusted and untrusted networks and strengthening external borders against unauthorized access and attack.

Threat Visibility – provide visibility into traffic traversing the network to obtain a baseline of normal traffic flows and, from that baseline, be able to detect misconfigured devices and malicious attacks.

Remediation and Response – prevent the possibility of malicious attacks entering the network. It is critical to have the security tools in place before attacks happen to speed response time.

Data Protection – protect your most valuable asset – data – with visibility into who is accessing it, how and when.

Policy Enforcement – develop, automate and enforce authentication and authorization policies to control system and application access.

Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) – enables commercial products to be leveraged in solutions to protect sensitive information, supporting specific U.S. government security requirements.

Unified Communications Manager Cloud (UCM) – provide cloud-based unified communication and collaboration applications, powered by Cisco, within a highly secure, virtualized platform under a centralized management system.

About OMNIA Partners

OMNIA Partners, Public Sector, is the nation’s largest and most experienced cooperative purchasing organization dedicated to public sector procurement. Its immense purchasing power and world-class suppliers have produced a comprehensive portfolio of cooperative contracts and partnerships, making OMNIA Partners the most valued and trusted resource for organizations nationwide.

Through the economies of scale created by OMNIA Partners, participants now have access to an extensive portfolio of competitively solicited and publicly awarded agreements. The lead agency contracting process continues to be the foundation on which the organization is founded. OMNIA Partners is proud to offer more value and resources to state and local government, higher education, K–12 education and nonprofits.

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