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Iron Bow Technologies Awarded BPA for United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

March 16th, 2010

Chantilly, VA – March 16, 2010

Iron Bow Technologies, formerly Apptis Technology Solutions, a technology solutions provider and value-added reseller, announced that the company, along with its partner, IT solutions provider New Tech Solutions Inc., has been awarded a five-year Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), International Technology Services (ITS).

Under the terms of the agreement, USDA ITS will be able to procure Iron Bow’s selection of Category 5 Printers, including Xerox and HP inkjet and laser printers, as well as associated support. This BPA will assist the USDA ITS in providing a standardized catalog for their end users to purchase the most up-to-date and cost effective technologies.

“We are proud to earn another engagement with the USDA and see this BPA as a further validation of our past efforts to deliver the appropriate technology solution in diverse end user environments,” said Rene LaVigne, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Iron Bow always strives for a solution that best fits each mission, and we have the expertise and breadth of technology partnerships required to deliver on that premise.”

Iron Bow currently supports the USDA on four other contracts. This latest contract will leverage the USDA’s internal purchasing system providing for a more efficient acquisition process and expedited delivery of required technology needs. Given its strong printer OEM relationships, Iron Bow is able to offer a variety of options to meet the USDA’s requirements.

“Standardizing the way the USDA ITS acquires printers will improve efficiency and free up ITS resources for mission-critical tasks,” said Stu Strang, Senior Vice President of Sales. “We’re proud to partner with New Tech Solutions in order to create a more efficient procurement process for the USDA.”

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Sarah Kim
Iron Bow Technologies