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Iron Bow’s Telehealth Education Delivered (TED) Vehicle Launches its Nationwide Tour

March 1st, 2018

Herndon, VA – March 1, 2018 –Iron Bow Technologies, an information technology solutions provider to healthcare, government and commercial markets, launches the fourth annual nationwide tour of its Telehealth Education Delivered Vehicle, TED.  Today TED takes off for its annual cross country trek, showcasing the latest in telehealth solutions.

Now in its fourth year, TED’s mission is to educate and increase the use of telehealth within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) by raising the awareness and understanding on how these technologies can improve overall efficiency while enhancing patient access, outcomes and experiences.

TED serves as a venue for providing education and training on an array of telehealth and patient care solutions. The technologies showcased, on TED, enable telehealth in many modalities such as mental health, women’s health, wound care, audiology, and primary care, to name a few. New technologies featured on the vehicle this year include patient and provider mobile devices with applications to include, VA Video Connect (VVC), VA Online Scheduling (VAOS), Patient Viewer and Schedule Manager, and an automated hearing test solution where patients can self-administer without an audiologist present.

“Our investment and overall objective with TED traveling across the country is to demonstrate the way telehealth can extend healthcare access, enhance patient care and access, as well as enable collaboration among healthcare providers and patients,” said Rene LaVigne President and CEO of Iron Bow Technologies.

This year, TED will visit approximately 175 VA Medical Centers, Military Health facilities and commercial healthcare systems. Through live demonstrations, Iron Bow’s trainers will simulate encounters between patients and healthcare providers to telehealth staff, office of information and technology, biomedical facilities, providers, caregivers, program leads and management at VA medical centers and clinics. TED’s 2018 sponsors in addition to Iron Bow include, Accenture, Apple, ARANZ Medical, Canon, Cisco, eVideon, GlobalMed, HP, Intel, NetApp, Phonak, Reingold, ScanSource and Verizon.

Since its maiden journey in 2015, TED has seen over 14,500 visitors and travelled over 110,000 miles.  Follow TED on its journey via the interactive map on www.ted2go.com, as well as Instagram and Twitter.

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Sarah Kim
Iron Bow Technologies