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Risk Management Framework

Meeting the Compliance Demands of RMF

Iron Bow’s dedicated team of experts are available to help you navigate through the Risk Management Framework (RMF) process, with training, personnel and technology solutions.

We understand compliance is hard. RMF is more than a set of processes or technology implementations. It is a holistic shift in how the Department of Defense views security and compliance with RMF is more than completing a checkbox. It can become one of the most valuable pieces of your security tool box.

Assessment and Recommendations

Iron Bow can evaluate your organization’s RMF posture and make recommendations on process, tools and environmental changes to improve your RMF and overall security posture.


Our RMF professionals help get your team up to speed on the RMF process to simplify and expedite compliance. Training, based on real-world lessons learned, can be customized to your organization and delivered in multiple formats – live instructor-led, in-person collaborative, remote and more.


Iron Bow can supplement your staff with experienced RMF professionals. We can augment your existing staff and/or provide documentation specialists that can ensure that the on-going process will be simplified and repeatable.

Continuous Monitoring

RMF is not just a one-time check box; it is an on-going process. A critical, mandated portion of this is continuous monitoring. Automating some or most of the continuous monitoring and reporting requirements of RMF can significantly reduce the repetitive personnel requirements and improve the value you receive from the RMF process. Automation eliminates the manual work of data calls across the organization and managing excel spreadsheets, while reducing the risk of human errors. Through automation, you maintain a near real-time view of your risk posture through a single pane of glass for all your machine data, automating, monitoring and reporting.

Iron Bow Automated Compliance Solution

For ongoing compliance the solution automates monitoring and reporting by providing a single platform for all data customized to meet the needs of reporting for RMF as well as HIPAA, DFAR, FISMA, and more. This continuous monitoring helps pull compliance data into a single location for ease of monitoring and reporting.

The solution includes:

  • Visibility to all four classes of required evidence
  • Ability to collect, retain, search, alert and report on logs from all assets and activities
  • Audit trail collection and reporting
  • Powerful search technology to search and analyze across all your data
  • Dynamic reporting and visualization capabilities

Iron Bow Helps Take RMF From A Painful Checkbox To The Valuable Security Tool It Is Intended To Be

In doing so, users:

  • Reduce manual effort and paperwork
  • Reduce the cost of compliance
  • Centralize monitoring
  • Increase frequency of monitoring
  • Instantly understand compliance posture
  • Improve security with ongoing authorization



Expert trainers and technologists implement proven Continuous Diagnostics and Monitoring (CDM) technology designed to automate data discovery and reporting.


We can meet you at any step of the process to help move any organization into compliance.


Designed to automate the continuous monitoring and reporting requirements of the RMF process.