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Flexible Options for Your IT Needs

Iron Bow Flexible Services

Cloud, as-a-service, pay-as-you-go — all of these models have introduced flexibility in procurement, utilization and breadth of service. What if there was a way to apply similar flexibility to obtain technical expertise? Imagine being able to leverage and scale expertise to get the exact support you need when you need it. With Iron Bow Technologies — Flex Service Units (FSUs) is how you do just that.

Iron Bow FSUs enable organizations to procure high-end technical services without the limitations of traditional service contracts that lock you into specific resources and rigid timeframes. FSUs are a great option for organizations, where technology priorities are quickly shifting. Even under standard operating procedures, technologies are so interconnected that teams often find, for example, a networking project may suddenly require a data center resource. With FSUs, you can shift allocations to get the exact resource you need at any moment in time.

FSUs can be used for:

  • Scheduling on-site engineering support based on needed skillset, timeframe and clearance level
  • Submitting technical questions to expert engineering teams
  • Staffing multi-disciplinary project teams
  • Training and consulting for new technology rollouts

The FSU model allows our clients to:

  • Spend FSUs to fit changing mission requirements without wasting time and money on multiple procurements
  • Stop spending money on staff augmentation resources when they are no longer needed
  • Proactively allocate funds before exact requirements have been defined

Iron Bow works collaboratively with you to scope service needs and define the right level of credits to apply to your project.

Let us help you innovate. For more info, email info@ironbow.com.


Our technical experts are at your disposal to solve any challenge that arises during a deployment or update.


It’s in the name. Use the FSUs how you need them, when you need them.


We’re focused on making the technology work for your organization, you’ll never have to adapt to the technology.