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Remote Workforce

Connect, Collaborate, Communicate – Work from Anywhere

Organizations and their teams need the ability to work regardless of location.  Iron Bow provides a full range of products and services – from the network to endpoints – to enable remote work efforts and keep your organization connected, collaborative and productive.

Connect and Collaborate from Anywhere

Iron Bow’s expertise as a Cisco Gold Partner with master specializations in Collaboration, Managed Services, Data Center, Hybrid Cloud and Security, combined with Cisco’s leading collaboration platforms can fully enable your organization and mission allowing employees to work from anywhere, with any device, powered by Webex.

  • Webex Consulting and Implementation
    • User Training and Assistance
    • Endpoint Guidance and Set up
    • Admin Tutorial and Management Assistance to Support Remote Access

With the dramatic increase in usage of Webex and collaboration tools, Iron Bow’s Customer Experience team has developed training specifically for our clients to optimize the solution.

Distance Learning

When education providers need to conduct virtual classes and expand on distance learning capabilities, Iron Bow Technologies is here to keep your classrooms connected, so learning doesn’t have to stop:

  • Basic Webex Training for Instructors
  • Basic training for Students
  • Technical troubleshooting during implementation


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Rapid Wireless Deployments

When it is necessary to provide flexible, innovative home office solutions or rapidly deploy a secure wireless network anytime and anywhere, we’re here to keep your employees connected, so your mission never stops.

Iron Bow provides turnkey, low cost, low complexity wireless solutions and consulting services for:

  • Remote Teleworking Sites – Highly secure enterprise wireless and wired connections to the home, extending the corporate network to teleworkers, mobile workers and micro-sites.
  • Rapid Deployment Wireless Kits – Mobile kits designed to quickly expand wireless coverage to outdoor or even large indoor spaces.

Our solutions are pre-engineered to work right out of the box, with easy installation by your IT staff.


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Enable Remote Access to Workspaces

Iron Bow Technologies’ IronTarget™ is an on-premises cloud and virtual desktop platform that enables the rapid deployment of a highly scalable Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) providing the users the same work experience from the home or in the office while allowing for consolidated management of systems for administrators.  To learn more about IronTarget’s capabilities, click here.

IronTarget also provides a turnkey, rapid deployment of a truly multi-cloud experience where applications can be run on premises and in the public cloud. Workloads can be moved to and from the public cloud transparently, without downtime – ensuring that employees have access to all needed applications and information.


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Bring your Office Home

Iron Bow’s secure remote office-in-a-box is designed to deliver a high quality end user experience, providing secure in office-like access to data and applications without the expense of a VPN license. All that is required is a pre-existing power outlet and wired or wireless internet connection within the end user’s home.

Iron Bow has developed a turnkey solution to quickly get your executives and management teams up and running through video endpoints and collaboration solutions offering a richer more premium conferencing experience. Our flexible leasing options and monthly subscription model provides you the hardware and software required for a seamless experience. Requiring only an internet connection and access to power, we can have your users up and running in no time. Our solution can be shipped directly to your end user, complete with tutorials for easy self-installation, providing the same workflow and experience as if you were in your traditional physical office location.


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Support Remote Work Surges to your Network

IronCare technical support for networking and collaboration can supplement existing IT teams with specialized expertise and the ability to remotely manage networks and collaboration applications as needed. IronCare Surge Support provides Iron Bow clients a short-term option for introducing remote support and management into any organization. This program offers 24/7/365 access to trained and certified engineers to meet the growing need for remote support of networks and collaboration applications.


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Flexible Service Credits

Iron Bow Flexible Service  enable organizations to procure high-end technical services without the limitations of traditional service contracts that lock you into specific resources and rigid timeframes. Flex Service Units (FSUs) are a great option for organizations, where technology priorities are quickly shifting. Even under standard operating procedures, technologies are so interconnected that teams often find, for example, a networking project may suddenly require a data center resource. With FSUs, you can shift allocations to get the exact resource you need at any moment in time.


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Virtual Care – Telehealth

Iron Bow Healthcare’s telehealth solutions encompass a broad range of options from providers to the bedside, to clinical and home consultations. Our products and support services improve outcomes when and wherever a patient needs care.

  • Telemedicine Devices
  • Video Teleconferencing (VTC)
  • Streaming Media
  • Store and Forward Imaging
  • Satellite Terminals (VSAT)

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