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Cyber Security

Today's persistent cyber-criminals are constantly changing their methods to adapt and overcome our defenses. With a broad arsenal of tools at their fingertips, breaches are inevitable. Where does that leave an organizations' cyber security strategy?

Iron Bow’s cyber security lifecycle takes a realistic approach to today’s dynamic threat environment. We start with a best practice, defense-in-depth methodology to ensure a strong first line of defense. Next, we factor-in the inevitability of breaches by focusing on threat detection and achieving survivability. Then, to achieve resiliency over time, we continuously evolve methods as threat actors evolve their tactics.

As a continuous process, Iron Bow’s lifecycle strategy creates a mechanism to mitigate threats in the long term, keeping cyber threats in check as business environments change. Our team aligns solutions with both business needs and compliance requirements, bridging the gap between cyber security technology and security policy.

Iron Bow Cyber Security

  • Lifecycle process enables long term resiliency and continuity of operations
  • Continuous approach addresses the emerging threat landscape
  • Recommended solutions are prioritized based on real risks faced by each organization
  • Experts provide knowledge of both legacy and innovative technologies
  • Strong partnerships have been established with leading industry cyber security vendors


Network Defense

Securely separate trusted and untrusted networks and strengthen external borders against attacks and unauthorized traffic. Leverage context-aware solutions to provide greater visibility and extend granular access control.

  • Next Generation Firewalls
  • Intrusion Prevention System


Capture a snapshot of network systems, compliance and vulnerabilities to identify issues and quickly remediate. Continuously monitor system assets for unexpected changes in real-time.

  • Endpoint Discovery
  • Continuous Monitoring

Policy Enforcement

Know precisely who is accessing the network, on what device, from which location, what connectivity, and when. Clear intelligence to develop, automate and enforce authentication/authorization policies to control system and application access.

  • Network Access Control
  • Security Policy Enforcement


Scalable solutions that enact policies, security controls and mitigate vulnerabilities to ensure that preceding security incidents won’t occur again. Persistent layered protection to detect and defend against threats.

  • Web and Email Security
  • Endpoint and Data Protection
  • Secure VPN Access

Security Assessments

Take control and proactively mitigate risks before trusted assets and business continuity are compromised. Iron Bow consultants will help identify organizational risks and create a proven remediation strategy based on the likelihood vs. the impact of a threat.

  • Actionable recommendations based on current data on your network
  • Analysis provided by cyber security experts
  • Recommendations prioritized based on identified risks
  • Establishes a baseline to track security posture improvement

Questions to Answer before Investing in a New Security Solution and Technology:

  1. Will this technology be relevant for the upcoming years and be able to adapt with the latest cyber threats and challenges?
  2. Has my organization identified all the security gaps to properly assess the risks to help define and prioritize my actions?
  3. How can I successfully balance between business productivity and security requirements without impacting the end user’s experience?
  4. My organization needs the latest and most robust security technology, but how do I ensure that future scalability and manageability is met?
  5. Over 50 percent of breaches are caused by misconfigurations. Does my organization have the right technical expertise to sustain and operate this technology in production?