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Data Center

From cloud to collaboration to mobility - new technologies are transforming the expectations we have of our IT. But, the benefits of these cannot be realized without strategic new data center investments.

Iron Bow helps clients design, right-size and integrate data center solutions that energize cloud services, secure mobility, multifaceted collaboration and all types of virtualization.

In order to avoid over-spending, we take an interactive approach with customers by evaluating current investments, stakeholder needs and business objectives. We then apply multi-disciplinary expertise to pinpoint the right technologies that will ensure that solutions efforts support the whole enterprise – from the data center to the network to the desktop and mobile users.

Our Data Center team possesses expertise in all leading technologies from EMC, NetApp, HP and Dell, and has achieved the Cisco Cloud builder designation. This versatility enables us to provide objective advice to customers in selecting the best solutions for their unique enterprise. 

We bring decades of experience to our customers and have established proven architectures for Commercial and Federal government customers inside Civilian and DoD/Intel agencies.

Iron Bow Data Center

  • Interactive consultation drives critical strategy and choices
  • Multi-disciplinary expertise ensures efforts support the whole enterprise
  • Proven solutions and vetted technologies
  • Leverage current investments
  • Vendor agnostic, yet technical expertise in leading technology vendors
  • Utilize best practices


  • Backup/Recovery/Archive - Strategically place new backup and archive methods combined with data deduplication to streamline back-up processes and improve efficiencies
  • Big Data - Keep up with the capture, management and processing of large amounts of data and turn it into actionable, strategic information
  • Cloud Computing - Evolve your infrastructure by taking a manageable step-by-step approach to establishing shared services
  • Consolidation and Migration - Improve efficiency with a successful data center migration that avoids downtime and pitfalls
  • Data Center Unified Fabric - Support cloud computing and virtualization as well as improve asset utilization and flexibility
  • Data Storage Design and Application Integration - Optimize availability and service levels by leveraging current assets and making strategic new investments
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) and Continuity of Operations (COOP) - Work within your budget to implement solutions that meet requirements and even adds to your capabilities
  • High Performance Compute - Develop, implement, scale and support your HPC infrastructure
  • Virtualization - Reduce costs and increase flexibility by implementing file, network, server, desktop, I/O and storage virtualization

Questions to Think About When Considering Data Center Investments

  1. What are the requirements that directly impact mission success?
  2. Can the current infrastructure support desired virtualization or cloud computing initiatives?
  3. What infrastructure functions (server, desktop, applications, storage, backup) are good candidates for virtualization?
  4. Where are current bottlenecks, and where might there be future availability issues?
  5. How can we quantify ROI to justify the expenditure?
  6. Are SLAs being met?

Iron Bow’s Data Center Capabilities in Partnership with EMC