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Enterprise Mobility

From Telework to BYOD, mobile computing offers a revolution in capabilities. How do you gain control of a mix of personal and corporate devices and platforms? What value can you gain out of this trend?

Iron Bow takes a focused approach to integrating the right solutions that help you take control of mobility while ensuring seamless communications between a mix of devices and platforms.

We help customers implement mobility securely and gain productivity through: 

  • Everywhere access to business applications, data and services via virtual desktops
  • Work style flexibility that enhances time management and user satisfaction
  • Real-time, multifaceted communications with customers, constituents, employees and partners
  • Real cost savings, through faster decision-making and Telework
  • User satisfaction and lower costs with BYOD 

Most organizations cannot afford to revolutionize their entire enterprise overnight. Iron Bow addresses the most critical security and management issues in a way that creates a springboard for a more mature and evolved system in the future.

Iron Bow Enterprise Mobility

  • Complete end-to-end mobility solutions
  • A step-by-step approach, focused on affordable and gradual evolution
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions for visibility and control
  • Security solutions for device, data and voice
  • Secure access to corporate resources and secure app store  
  • Multifaceted expertise in all technology domains that drive successful outcomes 

Questions To Answer Before Implementing Mobility Solutions

  1. How should the solution be architected and sized to create optimal user experience?
  2. Which users are good candidates for BYOD and telework?
  3. What are the current network and usage metrics?
  4. Are there any application or usage constraints?
  5. Can the current infrastructure support desired mobility and virtual desktop capabilities?
  6. What is the best way to ensure all data and users are migrated seamlessly?