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Empowering the Modern Workforce

Organizations and their teams need the ability to work regardless of location. The success of remote collaboration is dependent on the tools employees have access to. Just as Batman had Alfred and James Bond had Q you have a support system to get you the tools you need to carry out your heroic missions. Introducing the Fantastic 4.



  • HP tablets, laptops and work stations provide a simple design, integrated security and collaboration features.
  • Intel core processors run 31% faster and ensure that high bandwidth video and other applications run smoothly without compromising battery life.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 provides a consistent user experience, familiar apps (including Teams) and built-in features to keep your work secure and always available.
  • Iron Bow’s engineering expertise with these technologies combined with years of experience in the public sector, can help you manage the distribution, management and maintenance of all your devices and systems.
  • Together, we provide the tools your team needs to collect, collaborate and communicate from anywhere. Built-in security including intrusion protection and facial/fingerprint recognition that meet federal requirements
  • Improved collaboration through crystal-clear sound, touch screen functionality and Office 365 apps
  • Simplified management and hands off setup allowing IT to more securely manage digital diversity and enable personal device preferences



Let our experts help show you how HP devices with Microsoft and Intel technology can improve your security, allow for seamless collaboration and better support the demands of your workforce.


3+ decades of experience in the public sector enables us to deploy solutions right, the first time.


Collaborative, customer-first approach and a variety of contract vehicles for streamlined procurement.


Mobility and workspace solutions designed around your mission and unique business or operational goals.