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Agencies Take Note: FAA Makes Buying Technology Easier

TechSource Editor

December 6, 2019  |  IT Modernization

As the federal government relies more on emerging technology to make operations more efficient and effective, they require the best technology options around.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as one example, requires the ability to quickly collect, process and understand data on traveler trends, complex flight paths and weather developments.  They  rely on cutting edge technology like AI and machine learning to facilitate this requirement.

With an influx of data available, there are so many new options and ways to use it to make better more informed decisions.  However, it is not always easy for agency IT teams to procure the equipment and services they need to make that data actionable. So in the FAA’s case they decided to change that through overhauling one it’s major contracting vehicles.

Since 2006, the FAA’s IT community relied on a powerful contracting vehicle to acquire hardware and professional services in support of its servers, storage systems, network devices and personal devices.

But recently, the FAA consolidated several product categories and cut certain fees in the Strategic Sourcing for the Acquisition of Various Equipment and Supplies (FAA SAVES IT Hardware) contract. The modified contract was designed for ease of use and is open not only to the FAA, but also the National Airspace System (NAS) and other Department of Transportation (DOT) entities.

Prior to the change, SAVES was divided into multiple categories, with separate contracts for hardware, clients (which include laptops, desktops and printers) and audio-visual and video teleconferencing needs. The hardware and client categories were consolidated. The fees are down from one percent to half a percent.

Beyond that, the contract’s clear guidance on pricing and the below-list-price discounts help IT managers get the most out of their budgets. In addition to hardware, the contract encompasses service offerings, thereby simplifying acquisitions on big projects.

In a major network modernization effort, for example, it’s possible to use SAVES to acquire the product and all related implementation services. Within FAA alone, the hardware and client contracts delivered through SAVES totals $80 to $100 million annually.

With four contract awardees, why would they choose Iron Bow? Beyond our own depth of technical expertise, we’ve spent years developing strategic partnerships with industry leaders as well as disruptive technology partners. We bring to the table proven past performance as a holder of previous SAVES contracts as well as the current FAA SAVES VTC contracting vehicle.

We are able to provide solutions to promote more effective and efficient modernization by enabling virtualization, unified communications, cloud services, borderless networks, mobility and telework.

Beyond the hardware, Iron Bow also provides technical backup so FAA IT teams aren’t left out in the cold if something goes wrong. We do regular, ongoing assessments, provide a report card and road map for your infrastructure and offer skilled technical support and customer service nationwide.

At Iron Bow, we try to provide the easiest buying experience and the most value to our federal clients. The new FAA SAVES IT Hardware contract will help us do that even better, and we encourage other agencies to take notice.

The federal government needs not only the best technology, but also the brightest minds and the fastest and most efficient way to procure those solutions..

If you have any questions about the new FAA SAVES IT Hardware contracting vehicle and how it can help your team, visit the Iron Bow website.

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