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Taking Advantage of the AVolution for Today’s Remote Work Environment (and Beyond)

Jeff Tillery, AV Lead Consultant, Iron Bow Technologies

July 7, 2020  |  Collaboration

Audio Visual technology began as a high-end nice to have feature. Being able to have top executives or military leaders video conference with peers via dedicated AV-equipped conference rooms provided a rich multimedia experience for a select few. This type of deployment was manufacturer-centric with organizations having to commit to a single vendor to supply all hardware and software to ensure a smooth experience. This started to change when IP emerged as the preferred transfer method for voice and video.

Moving to IP has brought standardization and removed the dependence on single vendors. Once video and audio could be encoded along with the control portions of the technology on IP, any endpoint could become a video teleconference resource. Of course, dedicated AV rooms provided higher quality, but with the move to IP, videoconferencing is now available to the masses. This democratization has also transitioned the responsibility of audio and video technology support and management from facility teams to IT.

Today, with remote work becoming the norm, everyone’s laptop has become a video endpoint, but this does not mean the end for dedicated AV rooms or high-end support. Dispersed work teams need a rich media experience. For key stakeholders in an organization the video experience can make a break a meeting. In these cases, select individuals may need specialized hardware and software. Iron Bow offers flexible leasing options for solutions that can be shipped directly to end users, complete with tutorials for easy turnkey self-installation to create the same experience they would have with in-office AV set ups.

Even when people migrate back to the office there will still be a need for to collaborate remotely. In-office huddle rooms can provide a hybrid collaboration approach, allowing a group to interact with individuals around the world. This set-up ensures that people in a single location can work together rather than all having to take the call from their individual desks. Unfortunately, of the estimated 33 million huddle rooms globally less than three percent are video enabled.

With video becoming a more critical component of how we collaborate, now is the time to look at AV resources and how they are managed with an eye toward scalability. Iron Bow can help assess current configurations and design for future needs. We helped one healthcare provider reimagine their AV infrastructure by creating tailored standards for AV deployment across the organization in conference rooms, huddle rooms, and work from home scenarios. The resulting AV infrastructure could be managed by IT executives and help desk alike through a single pane of glass.

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