Unified Communications Manager Cloud for Government (UCM) – Formerly Hosted Collaboration Solution for Government (HCS-G)

Iron Bow’s UCM (formerly HCS-G), powered by Cisco, is a FedRAMP Authorized cloud-based collaboration service built to help you improve communication capabilities, empower your mobile workforce, meet cloud-first mandates and maintain stringent security standards. Check out this video and see how we can help your agency overcome key IT and business challenges.

See what VDI can do for your agency.

The case for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has never been stronger. Agencies are looking for better approaches to securing and managing end-user devices. Check out this infographic and see what’s driving the interest in VDI solutions—and what concerns are slowing agencies down.

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navigating the hybrid workforce

Four Steps to Help Governments Quickly Adapt to the New Hybrid Workforce Reality

The vast majority of remote workers want to keep working from home, at least some of the time, even after the pandemic. For state and local governments to stay competitive in the labor market and attract top talent from beyond their local area, IT leaders will have to urgently rethink their strategies and make remote […]

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Larry Frazier

July 28, 2022

Cloud  •  Collaboration  •  Mobility + End User Devices

Woman working from home on laptop

How Organizations Can Kickstart Plans for the New Hybrid Workplace

Prior to March 2020, the number of workers who were either exclusively remote or had the option to occasionally work from home was growing, but slowly. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Seemingly overnight, almost all employees that could work remotely were instructed to stay home to work for the foreseeable future. No matter what happens […]

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Francesca El Attrash-Ukaejiofo

March 31, 2022

Collaboration  •  Digitization + IoT

Microsoft and Iron Bow People on Conference Call

4 Ways to Ensure Teamwork Without Boundaries In Government

Since the Biden administration released its June 10 memo (endorsing maximum telework flexibilities and encouraging agencies to pursue hybrid work policies) there has been much discussion concerning the balance of in-person vs. remote work for optimal collaboration. Telework has been around in the Federal Government for at least 20 years. Prior to the pandemic, remote […]

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Mark Hodge

December 20, 2021

Collaboration  •  Mobility + End User Devices

hybrid work image

The Hybrid Work Experience

As we navigate the new normal, many organizations are embracing a balance of in-office and remote work for their teams.  A recent Gartner CFO Survey reveals 74% of organizations intend to shift some employees to remote work permanently. This combination of in-office and remote work creates an opportunity to assess the changes that have impacted […]

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Jeff Tillery

September 7, 2021


Webex for Defense

The Benefits and Challenges of Unified Collaboration Solutions for the Department of Defense: Part 2 of 2

Last week’s post was the first of our two-part miniseries on the benefits of Unified Capabilities (UC) and Webex for the Department of Defense (DoD). This week’s post continues our conversation with Iron Bow Technologies’ Chief of Technology for DoD James Ebeler. Part 1 of this series can be found here. Cisco is a leading […]

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James Ebeler

July 27, 2021

Collaboration  •  IT Modernization  •  Managed Services

Webex for Defense

The Benefits and Challenges of Unified Collaboration Solutions for the Department of Defense: Part 1 of 2

Collaboration is essential for today’s warfighter; they cannot be tethered to a desk. Executing the mission remotely with dispersed teams and 24×7 connectivity has become the norm in today’s edge-enabled world. Department of Defense (DoD) agencies need to be confident their teams have the tools they need to collaborate, communicate and ensure mission success securely […]

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James Ebeler

July 20, 2021

Collaboration  •  IT Modernization  •  Managed Services


Security and Unified Communications Tools – it’s the Layers That Count

In today’s era of remote or hybrid work environments, virtual collaboration and communication tools are simply essential for business continuity. Federal and commercial entities use a vast variety of tools including IP video and telephony, audio/video conferencing, audio/visual solutions, desktop or laptop sharing, instant messaging and other collaboration applications. Cisco’s hosted collaboration platforms  deliver integration […]

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Logan Gaffney and Anthony Wurtele

June 15, 2021

Cloud  •  Collaboration  •  Managed Services

Business Resiliency

3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Determine Your Business Resiliency

We’ve seen more change in the past year than we have in any other time in recent history. Words like “agility,” “pivot,” “remote workforce” and “unprecedented” became the new buzz words. But these phrases came from a necessity as businesses started to recognize just how strong their Business Continuity plans actually were.  Nothing better than […]

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Bill Saltenberger

March 16, 2021

Collaboration  •  Cyber Security  •  Networking

Collaboration technology video conference

How Business Collaboration Technology Should Work in 2021

The way we work has changed. Teams are no longer all working out of the same location or keeping to a standard 9-5 workday. Remote work, dispersed teams and 24×7 connectivity are the new norm as are expectations of a consumer-like experience with business applications. Collaboration efforts aren’t as easy as gathering everyone in a […]

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Jim Smid, CTO, Logan Gaffney, Technical Director of Collaboration and Anthony Wurtele, Collaboration Architect

March 9, 2021

Cloud  •  Collaboration  •  Managed Services

safely returning to work

Ready or Not, Here it Comes: Returning to the Workplace (Safely)

There’s no doubt the way we work has changed. Short term changes will evolve into a long-term transformation of our workplace and our workforce. This past year, most organizations and agencies went through the process of setting up their employees at home with the necessary equipment, security, access and networking requirements. And while 2020 will […]

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Jeff Tillery

LG Business Solutions | learning in any space

Part 2 of 3: How Flexibility is the Key Approach for Learning in Any Space for LG Business Solutions

The large part of 2020 was everyone’s scramble to meet the demands of remote working and learning. In particular, higher education and K-12 school systems had to navigate the enigma of successfully transferring every single student to a learn-from-home environment essentially overnight – no small feat. This included purchasing new hardware like tablets, laptops, desktops […]

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Victoria Sanville

February 2, 2021

Collaboration  •  IT Modernization  •  Mobility + End User Devices  •  Wireless

Top 5 Blogs 2020

Top 5 TechSource Blogs from 2020

As we (gratefully) close the chapter on 2020, here’s a roundup of your favorite TechSource blogs from this past year. We’re looking forward to the thought provoking topics that 2021 has in store. Iron Bow’s National Sales Conference Top 3 Takeaways Being held virtually this year didn’t stop Iron Bow Technologies’ annual National Sales Conference […]

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TechSource Editor

LG Business Solutions (LGEUS)

Part 1 of 3: Training in Any Space: LG Business Solutions’ 3 Pronged Approach for Security for the Federal Government

When the COVID-19 pandemic turned everything on its head earlier this year, practically every industry was affected, and the federal government was no exception. Many agencies were forced to look teleworking in the face and learn how to step into that environment more quickly than ever before. Two of the biggest challenges to making the […]

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Jennifer Eley, Senior Federal Channel Manager and Victoria Sanville, National Sales Manager, Government and Education