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Cisco Live 2016: Digital Transformation Highlights

TechSource Editor

July 20, 2016  |  Collaboration  •  Cyber Security  •  Digitization + IoT

Every year, thousands gather to attend the annual Cisco Live event to listen and learn about new solutions, meet technology innovators, IT visionary thought leaders and attend more than 1,000 education sessions.  This year, our team attended Cisco Live 2016 along with a record 28,000 people in Las Vegas, featuring speakers like Chuck Robbins and Kevin Spacey.  If you missed it, we have highlighted a few articles that recap the discussions from this exciting week:

Cyber Security Highlights from Cisco Live

Some of the main topics of discussion were the new management offering called Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO), security analytics for branch routers and Cisco’s plan for creating the right security services for its enterprise customer installed base.

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Cisco Live 2016 Week- at-a-Glance

Cisco leaders from the world of technology, business and entertainment took the stage at Cisco Live to share their unique insights on the opportunities for today’s innovators to help lead digital transformation. Click below to read more about the informative and engaging week at Cisco Live.

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Network the ‘Foundation’ of Digital Transformation

Cisco has said it is the network infrastructure itself that forms the foundation of digital transformation — and it is important to leverage this infrastructure and the innovation occurring across it.  According to Todd Nightingale, senior vice president and general manager of Cisco Meraki, digital architecture comes with three tenets: Automation; security; and insights and experiences. For all of these, the network forms the basis.

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President Frank Underwood Dropped Wisdom at Cisco Live on Tech, Risk Taking and VR

Kevin Spacey stepped on stage in character as the ruthless President Frank Underwood from the Netflix original series House of Cards and delivered part of the closing keynote at Cisco Live.  He spoke about technology risk taking and discussed how augmented reality and virtual reality are two technologies that provide new tools for telling stories.

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