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Shelter from the Storm: Cloud-Based Collaboration Has You Covered

TechSource Editor

March 27, 2015  |  Collaboration

The public sector’s work day is no longer sheltered in a single building, at a single desk or on a single computer. Federal IT end users are expanding the terrain they traverse every day, exerting more control over how and where they connect. As agencies work in the storm of the constantly expanding cloud they must face a new reality—one that demands more speed, more power and more security from IT. Thanks to new and innovative cloud platforms, federal agencies can now shelter end users from the storm while giving them the tools they need to securely and successfully accomplish their missions.

To be successful, collaboration in the cloud requires a common experience across roles, organizational boundaries and devices. New cloud platforms enable this, leveling the field by removing barriers to creativity and enhancing the free flow of information and ideas. By giving organizations access to resources any time, any place, creativity never sleeps. Agency employees are free of restrictions and able to explore the best solutions whenever creativity strikes, 24-hours a day.

As federal workers become more mobile, their need for real-time chat, audio, video and conferencing continues to grow. New solutions are being designed specifically for them. Federal agencies can now benefit from app-based collaboration tools on a number of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. These next-generation, cloud-based tools enable entire agencies to enjoy a shared experience. They can now stay connected across devices, time zones and even project teams. Collaboration on this level enables agency staff get up to speed on current projects, evolve current ideas and freely share from within and outside the organization without security concerns.

Among the new innovations in cloud-based collaboration, agency teams can now enjoy world-class quality video collaboration for up to 18 people. Furthermore, those complicated, time-consuming installations of the past are gone as are the high costs of cooling, electric and bandwidth usage. New teleconferencing technology features half the bandwidth (H.265 compression) of competitive three-screen systems and requires less power than a hair dryer (under 10 amps).

With the implementation of Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) security standards and cloud vendors working to adopt federal security standards, a prime opportunity for federal agencies to transition to cloud-based IT solutions has arrived. This innovation in cloud can provide organizations with significant flexibility and reduced overall IT costs. And by enabling a hosted collaboration solution (HCS), agencies can experience even greater savings by eliminating purchase and maintenance of internal systems. They can also benefit from HCS thanks to its support of multiple devices and applications on a single platform, which can be easily expanded or downsized as agency missions dictate, resulting in significant long-term savings.

Click here to learn more about how cloud and hybrid collaboration solutions can help your agency enhance productivity and reduce costs. Or give your team the tools they need to share ideas seamlessly across devices, time zones and project teams with Project Spark, now available as a free download.

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