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Top Takeaways from Dell Technologies World 2021

TechSource Editor

May 25, 2021  |  From TechSource Editor  •  IT Modernization

The annual Dell Technologies World conference, hosted over May 5 and 6, was held virtually for the second year in a row to the IT giant’s sprawling audience of customers, partners and executives. Topics spanned the gamut of information technology including security, data trends and product announcements wrapped around an overarching theme of digital transformation. Sessions included keynotes from a slew of Dell and partner executives, product and service-specific breakouts, entertainment (including Chris Martin and Bill Nye), guru sessions from various subject matter experts, hands-on labs, interactive and sponsor demos. Here are some highlights from the conference.

Agility, resiliency and flexibility are the new norms in the day of remote and hybrid working environments and Dell ensures to apply them in different ways for business functions.

Everything “as-a-service”

Dell did a deep dive into APEX, their portfolio of as-a-Service offerings and announced their new data storage, hybrid cloud and private cloud options that allows business enterprises the chance to buy, deploy and manage on-premises infrastructure and data services in roughly the same way they can in the public cloud. In line with the agility and flexibility theme, this offering from Dell meets organizations where they are in their hybrid cloud journey and offers infrastructure-as-a-service from the data center to the edge by offering businesses the choice of which solutions to use and where to use them that makes sense for their business processes and goals. Dell even offers a pay-per-use consumption model or an enterprise-scale managed utility to support its promise for flexible solutions tailored to each customer.

The APEX Console is a web portal that allows you to discover, subscribe, set up, use, manage and scale IT solutions across on-premises and cloud environments. Read more about APEX here.

Work from Anywhere

It’s no secret that remote work is here to stay. After this past year of stark change and near constant fluctuation of expectations, it became essential for organizations to have reliable but flexible tools to allow business continuity while everyone worked from home. Not only did Dell champion their solutions that allow fluid communication for groups between tools and seamless switching between environments and devices, they took it a step further and declared this next decade to be the age of the edge by sharing their prediction that “75% of enterprise data will be processed outside of the data center by 2025.”

Following that statistic and pulling focus out of the data center, Dell is offering solutions to make edge computing and function easier and faster. Utilizing 5G networks and Dell’s data management and protection tools reduces latency and brings insights from the edge back to the data center faster, getting actionable data into the hands of decision makers so they can steer their organizations in productive directions. This has incalculable value for businesses but can be applied specifically to protecting their organizations against cyber threats. More about Dell’s activity on the edge here.

Data and IT security

Earlier this year, the FBI reported that complaints of cyberattacks received by its cyber division had risen to almost 4,000 a day, a 400% increase over pre-coronavirus numbers. To respond to this alarming trend, Dell provided several learning tracks around security, data and other topics (like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), analytics, data protection and privacy to name a few). Here are some session topics:

  • Artificial intelligence – use the progression of analytics through AI to generate revenue, improve processes and influence the entire ecosystem of your business. Moving forward, your data and your AI practice will be the source of competitive advantage so ensure that these ducks are in a row.
  • Streaming data – capture, transport, aggregate, correlate, analyze, visualize and perform real-time inference on sensor data at the edge and in the cloud.
  • Next Generation PowerEdge Servers – quickly adapt, maximize efficiencies and ensure business continuity with Dell’s server line that run workloads like HPC, collaboration, database, ERP, business intelligence and data warehousing—all while advancing compute technology for AI and the edge.
  • Advanced data protection appliances – whether you are an existing user or an organization considering a targeted, integrated or virtual appliance, PowerProtect appliances are built on a proven architecture that delivers performance, efficiency and scalability. PowerProtect Data Manager provides software-defined data protection, automated discovery, deduplication, operational agility, self-service and IT governance for physical, virtual and cloud environments.


And, of course, no conference is complete without its product announcements. Check out Dell’s news here.

For more information on how Dell can help your organization with its digital transformation, Iron Bow is here to help you connect those dots, simply click here to reach out to start a conversation.

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