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First Annual TechSource Award Winners

TechSource Editor

January 27, 2015  |  From TechSource Editor

TechSource Awards 2014Back in September, we announced the first annual TechSource Awards to showcase excellence in IT innovation in both the public and commercial sectors. We profiled some of the finalists in November and December, and now the time has come to announce the winners of this year’s TechSource Awards!

The 2014 TechSource Awards winners are:

Public Sector: U.S. Army / Corpus Christie Army Deport (CCAD)

Commercial Sector: Wise Regional Health System

Our judges selected these winners based on the following factors:

  • Technology Innovation
  • Financial Impact
  • Market Validation
  • Compatibility with Existing Networking Environments
  • End User/Customer Experience

In CCAD’s case, their existing virtual desktop environment was inefficient and unreliable, and their thin client environment was unstable. These inefficiencies were causing a loss of approximately 2.5 hours of productivity per day because employees frequently had to reboot their machines and needed multiple logins to access the system. Also, the system didn’t allow access to audio or video content.

CCAD replaced its existing thin client environment with a virtual desktop environment utilizing zero clients. The new environment gives CCAD employees access to virtualized desktops and applications from one single platform. It also eliminated issues with the CCAD zero client implementation, requiring them to take a large chance and move ahead of the rest of the U.S. Army in both the size of the implementation and the technology involved.

The zero client initiative at the CCAD positively impacted the organization’s ability to accomplish its mission effectively and efficiently, and drastically increased productivity by eliminating redundant and unnecessary steps. Users now only need to log in once and no longer experience the issues that required frequent reboots. In addition to the increases in productivity, the implementation is also delivering new capabilities to CCAD employees, including the ability to play depot videos and access news programs – keeping them better connected with the organization and its major developments. If you’re interested in learning more about this TechSource Award-winning program, you can read the complete profile here.

Wise Regional Health System is known for quality patient care in North Texas. To enhance the quality and consistency of healthcare delivery, Wise Regional Health System needed to implement electronic health records (EHR) that met regulatory compliance requirements and maximized revenue. The current system was a cumbersome, repetitive process that interfered with the optimal administration of care. Wise Regional set two goals for the EHR implementation project: to demonstrate it had deployed an EHR system, and to prove that the EHR is being used by clinicians.

Wise Regional acknowledged the dire need to simplify access to e-patient records by making it easy for staff members to access the information directly online as soon as they walked in a patient room. Yet the solution also had to be highly secure in order to safeguard patients’ protected health information (PHI). The most significant obstacle to overcome, however, was convincing technology-averse physicians to use hospital-mandated installed solution. They implemented Aventura’s Roaming Awareness Desktop platform, which acts as a cloud-based operating system managing the user’s native experience, interactions and access across the multitude of systems, applications and devices throughout the hospital.

After implementing the new system, time spent waiting to login and open the proper applications and patient files at each change of location dropped from 22.6 minutes to 7.2 minutes per nurse per shift – a difference of 15 minutes. Taking into account time savings from decreased login time as well as the automatic data saving component of the platform, Wise Regional has realized an approximate savings of over half a million dollars.

Congratulations to our first annual TechSource Award winners! If your organization is implementing innovative IT programs in 2015, watch for the 2015 TechSource Award nomination announcement next fall.

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