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IoT Dictates Top IT Trends Tackled at Iron Bow’s 2017 Engineering Summit

TechSource Editor

March 23, 2017  |  Big Data & Analytics  •  Data Center  •  Digitization + IoT  •  Mobility + End User Devices  •  Wireless

This year’s Iron Bow Technologies Engineering Summit took place March 6-8, 2017, bringing together the great minds that make up Iron Bow and its innovative partners.

At the event, IT experts took part in conversations looking at both the current and future state of technology across the private and public sector. Wireless and data analytics were top-of-mind trends at the conference, both of which are keeping Iron Bow partners and customers on the bleeding edge of IT. Following are the highlights from the discussions:


As the Internet of Things (IoT) emerges as a top IT consideration across all sectors, devices are increasingly being connected to organizations’ networks. In fact, Gartner recently predicted that 8.4 billion connected things will be in use this year – up 31 percent from 2016.

As a result of this fast-paced growth, mobility has become less of a luxury and more of an expectation of today’s average user, and reliable Wi-Fi is something most have come to rely on. In the workplace, at the gym, even while sipping a latte at the corner coffee shop, citizens are now accustomed to constant information at their fingertips. Something as simple as a slow wireless connection has the ability to negatively affect the way an organization is viewed. Much worse, citizens’ data security is increasingly at risk if network infrastructure isn’t capable.

At this year’s Engineering Summit, experts made it clear that wireless isn’t going anywhere, and with rising connections to the network, it is key that organizations have the IT infrastructure to handle the deluge of devices without a hitch – from both a speed and security perspective. Iron Bow wireless services including site surveys, wireless LAN and Mesh, mobile and fixed satellite solutions and VoIP over radio will help your organization support the demand for reliable communication and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) capabilities.

Data Analytics

Many applications of data analytics are still being discovered. When it comes to this emerging technology concept and the possibilities that it affords an organization, your imagination is the limit. However, there is one key application of data analytics that organizations can invest in now so they can get the most out of the growth of data in light of digital transformation.

As mentioned before, the number of connected IoT devices is only expected to grow, and with more connected devices comes more data of which organizations are not equipped to handle and don’t yet recognize its benefits. This is where data analytics comes in. Companies like our partner Splunk offer enhanced data analytics capabilities that allow organizations to not only better manage the massive streams of data now on their network, but also to leverage that information to achieve real-time insights.

It is crucial that users and providers alike keep an eye on these growing trends. IT continues to evolve and the IoT continues to expand. Iron Bow recognizes the implications wireless and data analytics capabilities will continue to have in both industry and government agencies. To stay up-to-date on these key trends and how they’re innovating the technology landscape, follow Iron Bow on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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