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Iron Bow’s National Sales Conference Top 3 Takeaways

TechSource Editor

December 22, 2020  |  What We Do Matters

Being held virtually this year didn’t stop Iron Bow Technologies’ annual National Sales Conference from being one of the company’s most successful events of the year. Between updates from flagship leaders, working breakout sessions and after-hours networking events like wine tasting, pasta making and mixology classes, the conference successfully brought its entire sales force together to promote business goals and company culture. Here are the top 3 takeaways from the two-day conference held on December 9 and 10.

Takeaway #1: Vision for growth

It is projected that there will be a net new investment by the government to expand IT spending in the public sector (meaning government, education and health verticals) between 2021-2024 by about $100B annually and a $300B net new IT investment due to COVID-19. Areas for this spending include:

  • Remote Workforce (aka work from anywhere, mobile workforce) – Working remotely is here to stay and teams need the technology like video conferencing tools, unified communications and cloud environments to effectively and securely connect, collaborate, communicate and work from anywhere.
  • National security – NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), cyber security, trusted supply chain, zero trust architecture (ZTA) and IT modernization are going nowhere but up. Government institutions, commercial and healthcare organizations alike all have their eyes on security because so many more people are being connected through screens, networks, and the internet.
  • Health and education – COVID-19 response, science and research, telehealth, distance learning, virtual care are all areas that will only grow as the corona virus keeps us separated. Even as vaccines are taken and the virus morbidity starts to decrease, education and telemedicine will absolutely have permanent aspects that will outlast this season of distancing.
  • Economic and social transformation – Virus and security aside, our economy and social environment has changed a lot this year and will continue to change through 2021 when it comes to climate change/public safety, broadband, national infrastructure, social justice/zones.
  • Robotic process automation (RPA) – we can expect processes like machine-learning, artificial intelligence and RPA to continue to develop by customizing work processes and other applications.
  • Resources – with all these technologies developing at a faster rate than we’ve ever experienced before, industries are finding that the biggest challenge emerging is lack of workforce to fill these positions. We need more people to code, build automation processes and ensure system security if any of these technologies are going to help – not hinder – growth and development.

Takeaway #2: Tech trends for 2021

Within areas of growth, a huge piece of the pie is emerging and bolstering information technology. Being “cloud native” is the newest buzz word and for good reason. More on that here. Other technology trends we’ll most likely see in 2021 include:

  • Remote workforce (more people working from home more often, connectivity challenges, and bringing technology to the Edge)
  • Business resiliency (designing new ways for businesses to thrive in our new COVID environment by utilizing AI and IoT to optimize workflows, automation, data sharing that ultimately lead to better data-driven decision making)
  • Cyber security (Zero Trust Architecture, CSfC, endpoint detection and response, breach and attack simulation)
  • Software-defined networking (SDN) and programmability (better positions people to take advantage of the cloud. This is the intersection of everything you use both in public and private clouds)

Takeaway #3: Partners are our strength, clients are our heartbeat

The annual theme of the conference is “What We Do Matters.” For us, that means ensuring what we do positively affects others – partners and clients alike. As a value-added reseller, Iron Bow lives and breathes partner relationships. Here are a few announcements made with our partners over the year:

Further proving the ‘What We Do Matters’ mantra, Iron Bow doesn’t ask ‘why did we win?’ but ‘why did the client choose us?’ For anyone familiar with Iron Bow, it’s no secret that our clients are the heart of everything we do. When asked what Iron Bow brings to the table for our clients, here are some candid answers:

  • “What we do matters because it has real effects for real people. Some of our Defense clients are out there on the front line and need to have the confidence that what we provide them will help them achieve their mission goals.”
  • “There’s a trustworthiness we’ve proven to our clients because we’ve developed and kept these relationships over the decades we’ve spent with them.”
  • “We learned their pain points, we learned their budget cycles, spent a lot of time with them. The success of our first project led to opportunities to engage on a consistent basis and a chance to learn more and grow with them.”
  • “We have the team that makes it happen. We’re the team that gets the job done. We emphasize to our team: don’t be shy, jump right in knowing that you have the expertise of the whole team behind you.”
  • “We are the ‘everything’ for them. We’ve become a trusted advisor and we’ll find a solution for them. We think outside the box for them and if we don’t have it, we connect the dots for them. We’re there to solve their problems.”
  • “We are tasked with questions and always come up with the answer for them. We don’t say ‘no,’ we say ‘let’s figure it out.”

It’s safe to say, even though held virtually this year, Iron Bow’s annual National Sales Conference brought the expertise, leadership and customer focus that threads throughout each year’s conferences. If you’re looking for a trusted partner who knows how to deliver on complex solutions to meet your organization’s unique needs, contact us.

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