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PODCAST: Looking Back at 2016: Top Trends from IT Modernization to Big Data

TechSource Editor

November 29, 2016  |  Big Data & Analytics  •  Data Center  •  IT Modernization

As the year comes to a close, we thought we’d sit down with Jim Smid, Chief Technology Officer at Iron Bow Technologies, to take a look back and get his perspective on some of the biggest IT trends from 2016. IT modernization and big data were both huge priorities across the federal IT sector. According to Smid, IT modernization is really about driving efficiencies and simplification to the data center. He also said that in 2016, we saw a broader acceptance around hyper convergence, bringing the virtual aspects of infrastructure together with the physical, resulting in a single solution. Smid believes the entire federal IT market has evolved, and this year, the major players have gotten into the hyper convergence space.

Big data was another big trend in 2016. According to Smid, big data is constantly evolving, but this year there was more interest from customers and a lot better understanding of what it constitutes. He says that customers are starting to understand what they can do with big data and how they can solve problems with it.

Listen to Smid’s podcast here:

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