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Moving to the Hybrid Cloud: Cost Saving and Increasing Capabilities

TechSource Editor

June 7, 2016  |  Cloud  •  Cyber Security  •  Digitization + IoT

During The Public Sector Innovation Conference in Washington, DC last month, federal government leaders came together to discuss the growing need for modern IT services that are efficient, flexible and have the agility to respond to the latest business need, all while reducing IT infrastructure costs and improving security. This is not a new sentiment. But how do agencies make this happen?

As an IT solution provider, we understand that technology is just a part of the equation. Cloud, mobility and Internet of Everything(IoE) are definitely playing a large role in the discussion of IT innovation, but the true value won’t be realized until there is a change in the mindset of the buyer.

Neal Andrew of the U.S. Navy agrees. At the Innovation Conference, Andrew told the audience, “We live in a hybrid world” which often means that the challenge is we are used to ad hoc solutions.



Just consider the cloud. Most agencies have started to move to the cloud in one way or another, most are leveraging hybrid cloud solutions. The hybrid approach leverages a mix of on premise, private cloud solutions with third-party, public cloud services. By allowing workloads to move between public and private clouds as needs change, the hybrid solution offers federal agencies greater flexibility.

If the Navy, CIA and DoD agencies can move to the cloud, the rest of federal government should embrace the new mindset and make similar changes, said Stanley Kaczmarczyk, Director of the Cloud Computing Project Management Office at the GSA. The benefit for agencies, Kaczmarczyk says, is agility. The hybrid cloud, is about speed to mission. Instead of the costly infrastructure costs, we are moving dollars from capital expenses to operating expenses and only paying for what we use. It’s at the core of streamlining efficiencies and moving to as a service based approach.

Industry analysts, like Gartner, have identified the hybrid cloud as the next trend to make a significant impact on the market. But Maria Roat, CTO at the Department of Transportation, explains that it’s not only about saving money.


While saving money is definitely a plus, the move to a cloud based infrastructure also increases capabilities for agencies. In many cases, the increase in capabilities is more significant than reduced costs. Cloud solutions allow agencies to manage significantly greater workloads, remove stresses off of other systems. But even more importantly, according to Roat, is the benefit of scalability.  Working in tandem with a server-based cloud system, the hybrid cloud model is the most advantageous in its current state.

These panelists are no stranger to transformation, change, and innovation in IT. As other federal IT leaders are seeking for greater flexibility and agility, we expect they will begin to look at technology solutions differently, taking into account IT consumption, and today’s hybrid world. As they do so, they will achieve greater efficiencies in their missions.

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