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NETCENTS-2: The Continuing Vehicle for Air Force IT Modernization

John Odey, Director of USAF Business Development, Iron Bow Technologies

May 14, 2018  |  IT Modernization

The ever widening threat landscape our country faces requires a simple, secure and efficient IT modernization contracting process. There is no question that the old adage of obtaining “yesterday’s technology tomorrow” needs to be buried forever. We are obligated to meet our warfighters needs with the best solution at the best value.

Because of that, the usefulness and scope of the U.S. Air Force’s Network-Centric Solutions-2 NETCENTS-2 (NC-2) family of contracts should remain in the spotlight, at center stage.

Air Force policy states the mandatory use of NC-2 is to “support missions that require voice, data and video communications, information services, solutions and products.”  In addition, Air Force program managers and contracting officers have the responsibility to make sure “all new and ongoing Air Force acquisition efforts…incorporate NETCENTS-2 into their acquisition strategy.”

The solutions available through NC-2 satisfy the majority of warfighter requirements for “speed of need” approved cyber technologies, communications capabilities and infrastructure.

Not only does the contract ensure adherence to Air Force goals, policies and standards of excellence, it is also designed to simplify equipment and delivery logistics, packaging everything together for ease of federal buying. This is important as a critical challenge for many Air Force customers is the dire need to increase capacity, reliability and upgrade aging infrastructure quickly and efficiently.

Iron Bow Technologies directly supports the Air Force through the products portion of the NETCENTS-2 contract, and is a major team player on the NetOps and infrastructure contracts. As an NC-2 contractor, we leverage more than 30 years of USAF experience, proven best practices and leading technologies to deliver end-to-end value for Air Force warfighters.

But Iron Bow isn’t just in the business of selling to government; we’re also focused on driving innovation by providing our Air Force customers strong, flexible and targeted solutions to meet their requirements. Our extensive, highly qualified and certified technical engineering workforce, coupled with our customer-first approach allows for a true partnership with our clients and understanding of the diverse and demanding needs of warfighters across the globe.

Iron Bow provides comprehensive cyber/IT solutions with expertise from unified communications to data center services and wireless networking equipment to identity management hardware and software.

We’ve delivered hundreds of thousands of VOIP/VOSIP devices, leading the charge toward modernization and away from costly, unreliable legacy systems. We remain a leader in full unified communications services, partnering with Cisco to provide the DoD the first Hosted Collaboration Solution for Defense (HCS-D). HCS-D is Cisco-based and provides DoD clients integrated voice, video, mobility, messaging and telepresence delivered in the cloud at the highest security classification levels.

Our virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution, is also available on NC-2, providing the Air Force a more streamlined, secure and easier to manage environment. NC-2 is also the vehicle of choice for numerous base and enterprise level infrastructure upgrades and modernization improvements.

Iron Bow engineers deliver these solutions on a daily basis, covering all Air Force major commands and numerous bases across the globe.

Our team has spent decades cultivating relationships with the leading cyber security and IT manufacturers, as well as employing a workforce qualified in the highest level of technical certifications. This has helped us build on our foundation of being a strong, flexible and targeted partner for the Air Force in meeting all of their requirements, now and well into the future.

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