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Why It’s Time to Redefine the Customer Experience

Brian Musgrove & Chris Eubanks, Iron Bow Technologies

July 22, 2020  |  IT Modernization

Our experiences as consumers vary with every product, service, company, website and salesperson. From walking into a store or visiting a website, this journey of browsing, comparing, selecting, purchasing and getting any required servicing over the life of the product fuels our decision to either repeat that experience or find better a product or service next time. Just one negative interaction on this lifecycle can have lasting impacts for a consumer. Needless to say, the full lifecycle of customer experience from first impression to repeated purchase is ripe for disruption and is begging to be redefined.

Iron Bow’s Customer Experience Manager Chris Eubanks and Director of Customer Experience Brian Musgrove are at the forefront of doing just this. “The customer experience lifecycle has all but been optimized for the commercial industry (think Amazon Prime, for instance). But in the federal government, there hasn’t been a vendor or service provider that has focused on creating a holistic, end-to-end, consistent and repeatable positive customer experience yet. No one has time to waste on gaps in technological efficiencies or investing in a product that isn’t completely optimized to help accomplish their mission,” says Musgrove. “We kept seeing a recurring need in this space for a bridge between the consumer and optimized technology. Iron Bow’s Experience Redefined (XR) team was born out of the ability to solve that problem. Think of it as a personalized concierge service for the software and as-a-service world. Not only do you get a robust piece of technology from the manufacturer, but it comes with a dedicated team of experts to help you maximize your investment throughout the entire life of the product.”

In today’s world of advanced technology, organizations have to adopt the most current offerings in order to stay viable, increase efficiencies, minimize costs and meet government-issued mandates. All too often, however, these entities invest in technology products or platforms because of its marketed value to the organization without knowing how the full potential of the product can help accomplish their overall mission.  If the company’s vision and desired outcomes are not understood throughout the lifecycle of the solution, that potential will never be realized. The details behind the implementation, onboarding, training and adoption of the technology have a massive impact and it’s imperative organizations have a roadmap to mine its capabilities. “Iron Bow’s XR team not only provides this roadmap, but often since the customer doesn’t usually have the resources, time, or expertise to dedicate to it, we guide them through the process so they can archive their optimal business outcomes,” explains Eubanks.

“We have redefined and will continue to evolve our customer experience. Our integrated team of industry experts (like certified success managers, engineers, technologists and support specialists) work together to understand the customer and optimize technology use to help them realize the full capabilities of their investment,” continues Eubanks. “We’re challenging traditional behaviors because we’ve developed a unique process of onboarding, implementation, licensing, and customer engagement. We provide Cisco customers end-to-end assistance throughout the entire lifecycle of their product which means that, to the benefit of our customers, our assistance does not end at implementation. Our team stays dedicated to them for post-implementation, troubleshooting, optimization, day-to-day operations, and any upgrades needed to make sure your team and technology are operating at their full potential.  Our presence lasts as long as the solution does, not just for specified contracted time allotment which proves that we’re here for the customer’s success, not just the product’s implementation. This proactive, long term approach allows organizations to accelerate the value they can realize from the technology and allows them to focus on their mission because they know we’re there for them whenever they need it.”

The XR team has a four-pronged approach: vision extraction, implementation execution, expediting outcomes, and continuous refining in order to excel. Extracting the vision starts with defining all business and mission goals to ensure the technology is the right fit solution for the existing needs. The defined end-goals serve as the guideposts (roadmap) as the XR team helps the customer evaluate all features to design the implementation plan. After that comes aligning roles across the customer organization to achieve stakeholder buy-in, which drives adoption throughout the lifecycle.

Whether the customer chooses to use the XR certified engineers or their own internal team to install and configure the solution, Iron Bow partners with the decided implementation team to execute the plan and ensure the process aligns with the established roadmap.

To expedite the outcomes, the XR adoption plan utilizes best practices including pilot roll outs to administrators and users, customized training, communications and metric dashboards with defined tracking and review reports. Following this process, organizations gain fast and comprehensive adoption, capitalizing on accelerated value from the technology investment. “The real value is in the tailored assistance we give each customer. This comes in the form of regular check ins to ensure maximized utilization and we provide reports to inform decision makers on gaps in utility or over consumption which not only optimizes the technology but can make a tangible difference to the organization’s bottom line,” explains Musgrove.

The last stage to the XR team delivery is refining. Continual monitoring and utilization reviews ensure KPIs and goals are being met. Through open communication, organizations and the XR team have ongoing conversations about qualitative feedback from users as well as quantitative stats on usage, license needs and performance. These reviews can uncover the need for a new level of features not initially rolled out and the XR team can help in expanding the features and functionality to users following the experienced redefined process.

“Technology can be complex and difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Iron Bow makes it easier. It’s technology simplified. The bottom line is that we help folks maximize and extend the ROI of their technology and help them understand how they can make the most of their investment,” concludes Eubanks. “Who wouldn’t want that?”

To learn more about getting the most out of your technology investment, check out our website or contact us for more information.

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