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Iron Bow’s UCM (formerly HCS-G), powered by Cisco, is a FedRAMP Authorized cloud-based collaboration service built to help you improve communication capabilities, empower your mobile workforce, meet cloud-first mandates and maintain stringent security standards. Check out this video and see how we can help your agency overcome key IT and business challenges.

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The case for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has never been stronger. Agencies are looking for better approaches to securing and managing end-user devices. Check out this infographic and see what’s driving the interest in VDI solutions—and what concerns are slowing agencies down.

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Showing Your Cloud Smarts

TechSource Editor

April 8, 2020  |  Cloud

The federal government has shifted the focus from “Cloud First” to “Cloud Smart.” What this means for agencies is it is no longer enough to check a box and say “we’re using Cloud” (really, that was never enough). Today, organizations have to be able to explain and justify their cloud strategy showing that efficiencies are being gained by moving the “right” things to cloud. A Cloud Smart approach also recognizes that there is no single way to move to the cloud and that doing so requires a multi-cloud approach with both private and public clouds as part of the mix. While this strategy may be smart, it is far from easy.

With the development of IronTarget™, Iron Bow Technologies has done the heavy lifting and created a solution that combines proven hardware and software technologies into a hyperconverged, on-premises platform that enables organizations to move workloads between private and public clouds.

Our team has created a video series that demonstrates the architecture, uses and benefits of using IronTarget for multi-cloud deployment and management. Each five minute video looks at an aspect of the solution for a quick tutorial on the IronTarget approach to being Cloud Smart.

  • Cloud Smart – How confident are you in explaining your cloud strategy? Do you have the data to defend it? Jim Smid, Iron Bow CTO explains how IronTarget can serve as a foundation of a multi-cloud environment that enables public, private and on-premises technology to work together. Looking at cloud as an operating model, not a technology or destination, this video details what it takes to build a multi-cloud architecture and develop application rationalization within that structure.
  • IronTarget Solution – Iron Bow CTO, Jim Smid shares an overview of the IronTarget solution, a software-defined, on-premises private cloud that provides a simplified method to take advantage of multi-cloud efficiencies. He addresses these key client challenges:
    • Complexity – multi-cloud is hard to design and manage
    • Flexibility – allow for multiple systems to operate as a single pool of resources, creating ease of use
    • How IronTarget helps advance container strategies and cost – moving from CapEx to OpEx
  • IronTarget Architecture – Steve Smith, Director of Iron Bow’s Cloud Practice details how IronTarget provides everything a public cloud can offer within an on-premises solution. Learn how the hyperconverged architecture allows for performance boosts, scale up and scale out as well as simplified use of containers.
  • Software Defined Data Center – Learn how IronTarget fits into software-defined strategies. Steve Smith, Director of Iron Bow’s Cloud Practice illustrates how the solution orchestrates compute, storage and network for modern service delivery.

Check out the series and more IronTarget details here.

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