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The CTO Perspective: Intel’s Partner Summit

Jim Smid, CTO, Iron Bow Technologies

June 16, 2020  |  Cloud  •  IT Modernization

The Virtual Intel® Partner Connect was an online summit hosted on May 20 and 21, which provided access to Intel’s executive leadership, subject matter experts, product priorities, information about key technology trends and the programs and tools that partners could use to help grow their business.

The two-day online event was loaded with different sessions spanning the spectrum of Intel’s industry expertise.  Executive sessions provided access to Intel’s leaders discussing the latest Intel strategies, priorities, challenges and opportunities. Numerous breakout sessions shared insights on the technology shaping the future and the event provided unique opportunities for partners to attend demos on the latest technologies coming to the market.

As a partner of Intel, Iron Bow Technologies’ Chief Technology Officer Jim Smid attended Partner Connect to gain insights and learn about the newest technologies – here are his thoughts and takeaways.

 Takeaway #1: Technology is progressing faster than ever before

Smid attended sessions on topics such as memory and storage, advancements and Internet of Things (IoT). “Everything is getting smaller, faster, denser and more efficient,” said Smid succinctly. “And it’s not just the physical assets – the processors, the storage and the individual components are, too.” With this progression, problems that used to plague IT professionals are becoming less and less time consuming. “The memory and storage piece has been driving a lot of innovation and removing bottlenecks, especially from the products we use at Iron Bow,” he stated. “You have a higher density of virtual machines running on servers that now can process twice the number they used to all the while reducing your footprint.”

Takeaway #2: Intel’s technological progression is important to the entire IT industry

“Intel is great company because they have communal technology meaning their ‘ingredients’ are used to build out original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products. All our partners use these built out products so the result is a shift in how all the technology the consumer experiences will work,” explained Smid.

He added, “Because of the communal aspect of their technology, this also encourages sharing among different companies so you get an idea of how the entire industry is changing, not just how the individual partner is changing.”

Takeaway #3: Intel’s technological progression is important to individual customers and partners

Intel® Optane™ Technology is Intel’s answer to closing performance gaps between DRAM and NAND, transforming the memory and storage hierarchy and increasing system performance. By installing this technology within different IT products, consumers are able to reap the rewards of faster, more efficient machines.

“Fast technology in large amounts allows companies to do more in less time,” said Smid. “It increases efficiencies and deletes workarounds,” which can make a big difference to an IT company’s day-to-day function and, ultimately, its bottom line.

Takeaway #4: Intel technology allows partners to bring their best products to market

“We asked ourselves: what’s the best way to increase efficiency and capability for our customers?” asked Smid. “IronTargetTM was our answer.” IronTarget is a software-defined, private cloud solution that allows users to have the full flexibility and capabilities of multi-cloud. This on-premises cloud bridges to public clouds, allowing workloads to be simply moved back and forth as needed. It powers this multi-cloud approach by offering a quick route to cloud infrastructures, while also providing a single point of management for the various platforms.

“It’s simple – the better ingredients you have, the better your product will operate and perform,” explained Smid. IronTarget uses Intel’s processors and storage to allow users the agility, speed and security they need to stay viable in today’s IT environment, meaning agencies are able to satisfy the requirements set forth by the government mandated Cloud Smart initiative. “With the speed in which the IT environment is changing and now the requirements of Cloud Smart, it’s essential that organizations keep refreshing and updating their technology to meet today’s demands. What I would suggest, from a CTO perspective, is to ask yourself: is your company’s IT infrastructure the most efficient, fast and secure it needs to be? If not, there’s never been a better time to assess what’s in your data center and decide to take it to the next level.”

To learn more about IronTarget or to request an IT assessment, reach out to us.

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