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The DoD Business Case for IT Modernization

TechSource Editor

September 14, 2016  |  IT Modernization  •  ITES-3H

Recently the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) unveiled an IT modernization road map with the goal of managing rapidly changing environments and building in greater security. The plan, as laid out by DoD CIO Terry Halverson, outlines a vision for a department-wide operation system, data center consolidation, migration to the cloud and more. According to Halverson, the plan is a living document. “If it’s still the same in a year, then we screwed up,” Halverson told media during a roundtable session.

TechSource editors caught up with Gary Winkler, former PEO EIS for the U.S. Army, and currently CEO of American Cyber Inc., to get his take on the business case for DoD’s IT modernization plan. The Department of Defense, according to Winkler, is “always in a state of technology transition.” In many cases, this constant evolution requires an understanding of what technology is becoming obsolete to avoid security vulnerabilities.

Watch this short video, to learn more about why it is so critical for DoD to stay on top of IT modernization goals.

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