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The Year of the Experience: Agencies Want to Leverage UC Investments to Break Down Silos

TechSource Editor

April 5, 2016  |  Collaboration

Video communications are taking off in today’s workplaces, according to Josh Finke, Senior Director for Solutions Architecture for Iron Bow Technologies, who recently talked with TechSource about collaboration. In fact, video is now the go-to communications tool for business conversations, and this is likely because 60 percent of conversations are visual and because adoption of technologies such as FaceTime and Skype have skyrocketed.

Finke said that the idea of collaboration across “any device, any person and any location” is now more of a reality than a distant goal. People use instant messaging, social networking, video communications and content sharing platforms in everyday life and expect those to be available and effective in the workplace.

To get there, agencies should ensure investments are dedicated toward standards-based systems to avoid silos and allow different systems to communicate with each other and federate.  Agencies, according to Finke, want to utilize the investment they have already made in UC systems, but find a way to connect them from end-to-end.  He said this can be challenge, which requires research to make it work.

A successful solution, will allow for the any device, any person, at any location, creating a  “bring your own experience,” environment that today’s worker has come to expect.

Listen to what Finke says about collaboration trends for this year here.

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