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VMworld 2020: The Headlining Topics You Should Write Home About

Troy Massey, Director, Enterprise Engagements, Iron Bow Technologies

October 6, 2020  |  Cloud  •  Cyber Security  •  Data Center  •  IT Modernization  •  Networking

VMworld is an annual conference put on by Iron Bow’s partner company, VMware. The 2020 conference from September 29 – October 1 was the first time the company has taken its annual event completely virtual. In addition to the slick interface and user-friendliness of the virtual event platform, VMware also brought a tsunami of content from thought leadership and renown speakers to announcing their newest features and tools along with a recap of how they’ve successfully navigated the interesting year that has been 2020.  Here are some key takeaways and messages from the conference.

Adapting to Right Now

2020 hasn’t left anyone unaffected from the landslide of changes that happened throughout the year.  Despite the challenges we’ve faced, VMware did an excellent job with transparency, inspiration and industry leadership. There were several common messages throughout the conference as to how they have adapted to right now.

  • Scaling – once everyone moved to remote working, organizations had to quickly scale their remote workforce solutions in order to keep continuity of operations. VMware jumped into action and assisted their users, customers, and partners to meet this demand through VMware’s app modernization, multi-cloud, digital workspace, virtual cloud network, and intrinsic security.
  • Partners – VMworld was jam packed with several heavy hitters for thought leading speakers including:
    • Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, Feeding America CEO, explained how they use VMware technology in their datacenters to respond to their demands and delivering 1.5M lbs. of food to ensure no one goes home hungry.
    • John Donahoe, Nike CEO, shared his use of VMware products in their digital transformation to help deliver great consumer and employee experiences seamlessly.
    • Jensen Huang, NVIDIA CEO, announced Project Monterey which will unleash AI for every enterprise, accelerate data and security processing.
    • Lori Beer, JPMorgan Chase, explained how their private cloud infrastructure is providing significantly decreased provisioning times, particularly with speed of delivery.
    • Hope King, NYC Business News Anchor. She and VMware’s CEO Pat Gelsinger dove into broad issues such as the pandemic and social justice as well as their thoughts about the cloud industry and VMware’s commitment to be a force for good.
  • Security – Simply setting up a laptop at home isn’t enough to make the work-from-anywhere productive for companies. Organizations need to ensure they are constantly increasing their security as cyber-attacks become more common now that more folks are online every day. Because life won’t ever go back to the way it was, organizations will need to turn their focus to securing themselves and their data moving forward. The requirement and demand for security will be ever increasing and ever necessary. For organizations who had VMware’s security capabilities locked down before the pandemic, they were able to seamlessly transition their operations to remote locations and continue their level of productivity they realized pre-COVID.
  • Incorporating change from pandemic – If you added up all these messages so far, you’d realize all of them are a response to the changes required after the pandemic. Agility and resiliency came up over and over as leaders from various industries shared their stories on how VMware’s portfolio has allowed them to be as agile and resilient as they needed to be to keep up in such volatile times.

Preparing for the Future

Like any successful person would tell you, rising to meet challenges and focusing on the future is key in times of change. VMware shared its vision for being “future ready” in several ways:

  • “Any app, any cloud, any device” technology strategy – “Our strategy is resonating more powerfully than ever. This powerful ability to access any app on any cloud on any device.” – Pat Gelsinger, CEO. VMware leaders are focused on stabilizing new technology, enhancing their current offerings, and expanding on capabilities for their customers and partners in each of their verticals including healthcare, education, public sectors, retailers, and financial services industries.
  • New tools and features – No conference is complete without debuting new features and tools. They announced updates across the whole portfolio but specifically:
    • Security – several of VMware’s security offerings have newly announced expanded capabilities that will deliver end-to-end zero trust security controls and simplified management. These include SASE Platform, Workspace Security VDI, NSX Advanced Threat Prevention, Workspace Security Remote and Carbon Black Cloud Workload.
    • Multi-cloud – Azure VMware Solution, VMware Cloud on AWS, and VMware Cloud on Dell EMC have been expanded and now include new capabilities to meet the ever-increasing demands of cloud.
    • VMware vRealize Cloud Universal and VMware vRealize AI – these cloud management offerings have been enhanced and expanded to make switching between clouds seamless and improve application performance.
    • Tanzu – Announced in 2019, Tanzu is a portfolio of products and services for modernizing applications and infrastructure and over the last year, VMware has rapidly added to the Tanzu portfolio, expanded its partner ecosystem, and added new customers.
  • Partners – here are just a few new innovations coming to the market via VMware’s partnerships:
  • Topics – While topics spanned across the five priorities (app modernization, multi-cloud, digital workspace, virtual cloud network, and intrinsic security), there was a major focus on cloud management, edge capabilities, and security.

Beyond the accomplishments and current efforts that VMware is tackling, it’s particularly exciting for Iron Bow to see their path forward because it is exactly what our IronTarget solution does. IronTarget is a software-defined, private cloud solution that allows users to have the full flexibility and capabilities of multi-cloud. This on-premises cloud bridges to public clouds, allowing workloads to be simply moved back and forth as needed. It powers this multi-cloud approach by offering a quick route to cloud infrastructures, while also providing a single point of management for the various platforms. It has your edge compute capabilities, remote cloud management and a multi-cloud build so organizations can float effortlessly from a private cloud to a public cloud in order to optimize efficiency and maintain high standards of security.

From how VMware is adapting to our current situation and preparing for the future in the context of today’s leading information technology, it’s a good indication that IronTarget is a tool that provides organizations the ability to do both successfully and efficiently. To learn more, visit our website or contact us.

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