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Iron Bow’s IronTarget Meets HPE’s Edgeline EL8000 to Maximize your Edge Compute Capability

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 | 11:00 AM (EST)


Join us for a webinar to learn about technologies designed to maximize your Edge compute capability for the needs of the mission.

Iron Bow developed IronTarget™ to address the diverse needs and security requirements of the DoD, especially the capability to quickly make the cloud work for the user’s apps, workloads and data. IronTarget integrated with HPE’s hyper-converged platform, allows for extreme scalability, growth and high performance.

Combined with IronTarget, HPE’s Edgeline EL8000 is expressly for rapid deployment of tactical/mobile IT gear in a lightweight, small, ruggedized platform.  This platform provides high performance in mobile cloud and cloud-ready environments, connectivity between IronTarget clouds and/or public clouds, or fully operates as a stand-alone data center.

  • A Single Partnership: Iron Bow provides a single source, leveraging the best of private and public cloud services
  • Platform Independence: Commercially available, IronTarget sets the stage for platform independence and allows size configurations – small to full enterprise – all managed through a single interface
  • Integrated Multi-Cloud Offering: Fully orchestrated and managed from a single pane of glass enabling Command and Control of operations by extending the system across geographic locations
  • Simplicity: Eliminates manual execution through orchestration and automation utilizing proven commercial tools; enables 10x faster spin-up time when adding new equipment
  • Multi-Cloud: Creates provider and hardware agnostic approach to eliminate lock-in allowing hardware compatibility across platforms; run any application on any tier of service at any time

HPE brings a portfolio of technology with Enterprise-grade performance, security and manageability in a Zero Trust environment, powered by the world’s most secure x86 servers. The HPE Edgeline EL8000 brings your apps and workloads to the tactical edge with improved SWaP-C3 (size, weight and power plus low cost, cooling and high compute) to securely run mission applications.


Troy Massey, Director, Enterprise Engagements, Iron Bow Technologies
Derrick Edwards, Converged Edge Systems Consultant, Hewlett Packard Enterprise


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