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Army CHESS Resource Center

+30 years of Army experience providing fast, precise, and compliant delivery

U.S. Army Experience


Iron Bow is the only IT vendor to hold all four CHESS Contracts.

Iron Bow has proudly served the U.S. Army and the DoD for over 30 years providing effective and innovative IT solutions that move missions forward. Iron Bow has designed, implemented and supported IT programs that include:

  • Survey, design, engineering, product acquisition, warehousing, product delivery to remote locations, on-site installation, testing and warranty support for a secure environment video conferencing solution
  • State-of-the-art, unified communications, utilizing everything over IP (voice, video, data) including video teleconference (VTC) and audio-visual displays
  • Over 600,000 VoIP and VoSIP phones worldwide
  • BYOD and .mil access in a secure and seamless process
  • Hot-hot Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution for 2,500 users to ensure production systems remain accessible at all times
  • Video streaming and network equipment packaged in a hardened case to enable on the go training

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