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What is Global Enterprise Modernization Software and Support (GEMSS)?

The Cisco GEMSS is a modernized support contract that expands the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)'s access to technical services and enables them to consume unlimited software and licenses for Cisco routing, switching, and wireless technology.

Cisco is partnered with the prime contract holder, Iron Bow Technologies. Combined, we provide support over the life of the contract.



What is included in GEMSS?


Cisco Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) Networking Enterprise Agreement, including DNA Advantage for routing, switching, wireless, and network management.


Cisco SmartNet Total Care (SNTC) support for all DLA owned Cisco-branded hardware and Cisco Software Support (SWSS) that was included in DLA's install base prior to 21 Jun 2022.

Advance Services

Cisco Advance Services (AS) delivered by appropriately cleared Cisco operations managers and network engineers, including high touch technical support, high touch operations management, asset manager, and advanced service resources.

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