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Why GEF?

Realize Cost Savings – GEF is elastic and scalable. Gain financial efficiency through the use of consolidation. When demand changes, scaling resources up or down is easy and can be accomplished within self-service portals.

Easier Management – Computing, storage, and network resources are grouped in the same infrastructure environment to allow for management and reallocation of those resources by demand. Now each application justs needs a single application manager for general oversight. GEF manages all infrastructure in your environment including the capture of key performance indicators such as resource consumption, reporting on installed services, and recording data for comparative baseline analysis leasing to efficient application lifecycle management.

Path to Cloud – Meet data center consolidation goals using GEF, an Army approved modern data center platform that provides a clear path to the cloud.

Why Iron Bow?

Iron Bow is partnering with NETCOM on the installation and deployment of GEF. Our team can provide the full lifecycle of support including

  • Documentation support to begin the migration to GEF
  • Pre-integration of application, including testing and burn-in before application moves to the government system
  • Manage deployment with the consolidation of stack and shipping logistics to new GEF locations
  • On-site stack installation in less than one business day
  • All stacks are preconfigured, color-coded, labeled, and shipped with instructions for simple field deployment
  • Operations and Maintenance of all equipment once deployed

Iron Bow in Action


GEF was designed by NETCOM for DoD use, meeting the security and reliability needs of any organization while providing a path to the cloud.


Cloud model means you only pay for what you need when you need it, enabling faster scaling to meet mission requirements.


Designed to meet the needs of DoD organizations as they modernize applications and services for today’s warfighter.