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Physical Security

Controlling and understanding who accesses public buildings and spaces is critical to both physical and cyber security. Iron Bow brings a unique combination of audio visual, networking and Internet of Things (IoT) integration to support smart building, ports and city initiatives.

With Iron Bow you have a partner that understands the networks that support and interact with security solutions to ensure physical security technologies seamlessly work with data solutions to provide a holistic look at the impact of physical assets on overall security posture.

Access Control

Physical security relies on the digital network. Iron Bow has worked extensively to connect the physical and virtual environments across an array of clients. By enabling access control devices as IoT, we can help close any security vulnerabilities and better ensure that Operational Technology (OT) is treated like IT.

Asset Tracking

We develop solutions to ensure critical assets are tracked, not only to provide logistical information but also to inform users and administrators of upcoming maintenance and updates. Iron Bow develops solutions utilizing labeling and ticketing systems to track equipment movement as well as receive scheduled and emergency maintenance alerts.

Digitization + IoT

The next step toward digitization is making sense of all of the new data being captured by IoT. Iron Bow draws on decades of network experience to help clients evolve their systems to accept these new streams of data and turn them into actionable insight. The contextual awareness gained when assets can be tracked the same way as data files, holds incredible promise for more efficient and effective operations as well as citizen service.

Audio Visual

Iron Bow brings a rich history in designing and deploying AV solutions for collaboration – from streaming to integrated audio visual room systems to telepresence to video on demand. We apply this knowledge to any AV install even if collaboration is not the end goal. Iron Bow designs, engineers and delivers audio visual systems from the simplest hang it and connect it solution to enterprise wide distribution systems and all facets in between.

Preventing Unauthorized Access

Extending the concept of multi-factor identification to physical access increases facility security. Pairing cameras with badge readers ensures that the badge being read by a badge reader is actually in the possession of the appropriate person. Beyond accessing a facility, it is also important to know what devices are in the facility. Iron Bow can help identify solutions that detect Bluetooth and cell phone signals in areas that should not have such devices.

Iron Bow in Action


We know the network and can connect new devices to it in a way that works for end users and administrators alike.


Working within budget, compliance restraints and existing infrastructure to provide the best experience possible.


Deploying technology the way your team wants and needs to use it.