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Artificial Intelligence

Taming Data Using Artificial Intelligence

What AI can do for your mission

The Terminator is a dystopian prediction of what might happen if an Artificial Intelligence (AI), like Skynet, becomes self-aware.  In reality the number one issue organizations are grappling with is the amount of data being created and that needs to be managed. Organizations need a way to not just organize data but to also understand where it’s going, how it is moving and what it all means to their mission. Iron Bow can help.

Artificial Intelligence does not have to be all-encompassing as in the Terminator. AI can be implemented in small but incredibly meaningful ways to help government organizations run more efficiently by helping to modernize logistics, predictive maintenance, security, compliance & governance and more.

AI is becoming omnipresent, much like security, in most every piece of software and hardware. We understand how to implement and integrate these tools into existing systems. Learn more about how we’re making AI part of business as usual.

  • Cloud – AI can act as the bridge between cloud and on-premises data centers to aid in automating resource scheduling as well as planning for the efficient movement of workloads within a multi cloud environment. Using AI allows for quick spin up of storage and computing needs, eliminating the need to invest in large, single use R&D laboratories.
  • Data Center – AI requires a lot of storage and power to run. It is critical to pick the right solutions to integrate into compute and analytic stacks. With validated reference architectures organizations can simplify the architecture and management and allow developers to build AI solutions that can grow and scale.
  • Networking – AI is critical to the next phase of networking. Software-defined and intent-based networking use data to make predictive decisions for network resiliency and operational health.
  • Security – There is perhaps no more critical application of AI right now than in cyber security. There are too many tools and too much data to be effectively analyzed by hand. AI can shift the paradigm from investigating the past to reacting to the now and predicting the future.

AI Podcasts

Hear Iron Bow experts discuss AI in this series of podcasts.


Long-standing relationships with leading technology vendors give us deep understanding of how tools work and where AI can make an impact on performance.


We make AI work with business processes rather than introduce change to fit the technology.


We identify where AI can make the biggest impact in operational efficiency and start the introduction of key technologies there.

  • Cloud
  • Collaboration
  • Cyber
  • Data
  • Digitization
    + IoT
  • Managed
  • Mobility +
    End User Devices
  • Networking