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Be it public, private or hybrid, cloud is transforming IT. Multi-cloud solutions significantly reduce upfront costs, increase productivity and can remove the burden of IT management. All of this happens while allowing your organization to keep up with the latest in technology innovation. Iron Bow can help you determine the IT services delivery model that suits your organization best. Whether you’re moving a majority of your operations to the cloud, migrating one application at a time or preparing for future cloud deployment, we have the technical and domain expertise to help you do it right, and do it securely.

Automation Solutions – from deploying self-service portals to moving workloads based on current utilization, deploy and configure modern infrastructure.

Enabling Private Cloud – through a phased approach, use existing technology investments while designing a path towards a more efficient, affordable and manageable way to run critical workloads.

Global Enterprise Fabric (GEF) – a Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) platform that aims to streamline the deployment of applications across the Army with a flexible, scalable solution.

Hosted Applications – acting as a single point of contact for billing, maintenance and integration, take advantage of software as-a-service in a way that works for your organization.

IronTarget Reference Architectureease into public cloud use with an on-prem cloud that allows workloads to be moved between public and private clouds as needed.

Programmability (Orchestration + Automation) – in today’s hybrid cloud environment, you need to consolidate data and functionality across multiple tools and platforms.

Secure Collaboration for Government

Iron Bow’s Unified Communications Manager Cloud (UCM) for Government and Commercial – Formerly Hosted Collaboration Solution for Government (HCS-G), powered by Cisco, provides cloud-based unified communication and collaboration applications within a highly secure, virtualized platform under a centralized management system. This approach meets federal cloud mandates, reduces costs and easily connects end users on any device, resulting in reduced IT complexity for your agency. UCM is easily scaled to the size of your agency – this flexible solution is your cost effective and secure answer to accelerated adoption of cloud services.  Cisco UCM is FedRAMP authorized.

Iron Bow in Action



Our team of technical and business experts can help design the right cloud technologies and applications to meet mission, budget and user needs.


With consumption pricing and a variety of service level options, we work with you to provide the support you need.


We are laser-focused on ensuring technology is meeting and exceeding your needs as well as supporting mission and goals.

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