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Automate Your Infrastructure. Enable Multi-Cloud.

Cloud technology plays an integral role in the future of Federal IT. To realize this future, agencies are trying to find the best methods to pull their legacy technology into the cloud. This requires a multi-cloud approach, using the efficiency of public clouds while maintaining the security and control of on-premise private clouds.

IronTarget™ powers this hybrid approach offering a quick route to cloud infrastructures, while also providing a single point of management for the various platforms.


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Meet cloud mandates by easing into public cloud use. IronTarget is the on-prem cloud that bridges to public clouds, allowing workloads to be simply moved back and forth as needed.

Virtualize legacy apps to work in cloud environments. Don’t be forced to retire, rewrite or refactor legacy applications prior to moving them, IronTarget enables the migration of legacy workloads to more efficient platforms meeting today’s users’ needs.

Improve availability with options for COOP and Disaster Recovery via the cloud or site-to-site replication. Our solution is based on the tried and true hardware technology of a hyper-converged platform, allowing for extreme scalability and growth, while maintaining the highest level of performance.

Achieve cost/performance optimization. Implemented in a multi-cloud model, applications can be migrated to the most cost efficient platform, moved to where application performance is optimized, or moved to the edge when end user experience is critical.

IronTarget: The Only Cloud Solution You Need

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Built with industry leading technology, IronTarget is designed to take advantage of the right technology to cloud-enable any organization.


IronTarget can be customized to integrate existing technology investments as well as meet specific performance goals.


We work with our clients to understand their existing infrastructure and business goals to implement IronTarget in a way that works for them and their users.

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