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Experience Redefined (XR)

Outcome-Based Technology Implementation

Realizing Untapped Potential

At Iron Bow we are committed to exceeding customer expectations, redefining customer experience as you know it. We go beyond technology implementation, delivering technology adoption and workflow transformation for your organization. Our collaborative approach accelerates the value that our customers realize from their technology investments. Our focus is on your business and mission outcomes and enabling technology to work for you and your goals – allowing you to adopt not adapt to new solutions.

Our eXperience Redefined (XR) team guides you through the following process to tap the full potential of your technology and your team:

eXtract the Vision – Starting with defining your business and mission goals, we’ll ensure the technology is the right fit solution for your needs. The defined end-goals serve as the guidepost as we evaluate all features to design the implementation plan. We align roles across your organization to achieve stakeholder buy-in, driving adoption throughout the lifecycle.

eXecute the Implementation – Whether you choose to use our certified engineers or your internal team to install and configure your solution, we partner with the implementation team to ensure the process aligns with defined business and use case goals.

eXpedite on Outcomes – Our adoption plans utilize best practices including pilot roll outs to super users, customized training, communications and metric dashboards with defined tracking and review processes. Following this process, you gain fast and comprehensive adoption, delivering accelerated value from the technology investment.

eXcel and Refine – Continual monitoring and utilization reviews ensure KPIs and goals are being met. This includes regular dashboard reviews and ongoing conversations about qualitative feedback from users as well as quantitative stats on usage, license needs and performance. These reviews can uncover the need for a new level of features not initially rolled out. Our team will help in expanding the features and functionality to users following the eXperienced Redefined process.

Our integrated team of industry certified success managers, engineers, technologists and support specialists work together across the lifecycle to help you get the most out of your investments. Our XR team provides a proactive approach to optimize technology use and consumption specific to your business outcome goals, lowering the risk of technology investment by raising the utilization and adoption of implemented solutions.  With Iron Bow as your partner along the journey, we will monitor and customize technology functions as your business use and needs change. We don’t just sell technology solutions, we help you to untap its potential to meet your mission goals.

Are you utilizing WebEx to its full potential?

Organizations are experiencing rapid expansion in the usage of their collaboration tools and in some instances conducting meetings that are much larger than normal. Team members that normally use products at the office, are now working remotely and need a better understanding of the features of WebEx such as self-view, environmental audio/video mute, basic lighting, among others, to deliver a successful experience.  Learn more about our series of tutorials designed for all levels of users.

Iron Bow in Action


Our in-depth knowledge of and experience with leading technology vendors as well as emerging innovators accelerates your value of the selected solution.


Our customized and adaptable process provides the support where you need it the most throughout technology lifecycle.


Using our product knowledge, we ensure the technology works for your needs.