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Cyber Security

While mobile, cloud and virtualization technologies have led to enhanced productivity it has also led to an array of new attack vectors for a wide variety of malicious and non-malicious actors. Our comprehensive approach to cyber security looks at the whole of your system and takes into account how your users access and use data. We design solutions to achieve resiliency by minimizing risk and maximizing technology investments. Solutions can be installed and run on premise, via the cloud or in a hybrid model.

Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) – create a solution that leverages clearly defined and approved approaches to support specific U.S. government security requirements.

Network and Endpoint Defense – protect data by separating trusted and untrusted networks and strengthening external borders against unauthorized access and attack.

Threat Visibility – provide visibility into traffic traversing the network to obtain a baseline of normal traffic flows and, from that baseline, be able to detect misconfigured devices and malicious attacks.

Remediation and Response – the possibility of malicious attacks entering the network will always exist. It is critical to have the security tools in place before attacks happen to speed response time.

Data Protection – protecting your most valuable asset – data – with visibility into who is accessing it, how and when.

Policy Enforcement/Risk Management Framework – develop, automate and enforce authentication and authorization policies to control system and application access.

Cloud Security – meet compliance requirements and apply technical solutions that provide frameworks that can be used to ensure cloud solutions are secured.

Programmability (Orchestration + Automation) – you may use 50 or more tools to do your job. Combine the functionality of similar products, create dashboards and enable a single action to be implemented across multiple products.

Iron Bow in Action


In-depth knowledge on the latest attack methods and how to defend against them.


Customized cyber security reference architectures to meet domain and environment-specific needs.


Laser-focused on developing solutions that reduce risk and enable mission and business success.

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