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Remediation and Response

High-profile data breaches and the proliferation of advanced persistent threats have changed the security conversation; it’s no longer a question of if your organization’s data will be compromised, but when. Technologies deployed to protect against attacks must also be able to quickly and completely remediate attacks when they are able to penetrate the network.

Iron Bow Technologies approach to cyber security is to help organizations achieve resiliency. That means staying up-to-date with the latest attacks and defense methods, aligning security solutions with business needs and compliance requirements and working to keep IT systems operational in the face of mounting threats.

Remediation and Response

The possibility of malicious attacks entering the network will always exist. It is critical to have the security tools in place before attacks happen to speed response time. Having immediate visibility into how the attack entered the network and how wide it spread helps lessen the impact.

Iron Bow helps determine the best tools by understanding the customer’s business, important assets and operational capabilities. With that insight, we have an understanding of where in the cyber kill chain we can best stop potential attacks and can recommend the best solution to remediate attacks when they occur. This defense in depth strategy ensures that attack vectors are identified to effectively block attacks.

Once the attack is stopped, remediation begins immediately not only at the attack entry point, but also across the network to ensure similar vulnerabilities have not and will not be exploited.

Cyber Strategy

With the right tools in place, the remediation and response to attacks becomes much easier to manage, but the tools are only helpful if they are part of a bigger security strategy. Iron Bow helps customers develop well-defined plans to use in understanding the attack, securing the environment and remediating issues in a way that stops the fundamental attack vector.

Iron Bow has the expertise and experience to ensure that the root cause of an attack is discovered and the appropriate steps are instituted to remediate against the attack and keep the attack from occurring again.

Iron Bow in Action